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Name: Dwayner

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Tried the Attack out today @Tamahi on Vedder River. I would say Class II-III . Very nice, it feels very responsive… especially if you really lean into the thigh straps. Went down with buddy who recently bought the Angler StraightEdge. Two totally different rides. With the StraightEdge Angler he was riding higher and staying drier, but with my Attack it was full on into the waves, slicing right through them as apposed to over them I would say.

Felt very stable, very maneuverable & responsive. It feels like it would be very difficult to get dumped or thrown from this kayak. The thigh straps work very well. You do get very wet however compared to the Angler StraightEdge as there's lots of water coming over the boat as it cuts into the gnarls.

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