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Name: brianm27

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I bought this discontinued boat used a few years ago. It was in decent shape but had plenty of scratches under the keel. I mostly paddle tidal inlets and in protected bays and she handled all conditions I threw at her. She was fast and responsive while maintain primary and secondary stability. I am 6'2" and weigh 185. I had plenty of room in the cockpit and never had an issue packing gear in the compartments for overnight trips. The Sealution II has a capacity of about 375 lbs. which is more than I ever needed for one night on a barrier island in South Carolina.

I would still be paddling this boat had it not been stolen. I only hope the thief enjoys it as much as I did. I miss this boat, but I have moved on and now paddle a fiberglass boat.

This is a fun boat and is plenty stable for a new paddler. If I had found one used I would have bought it, and still may should I come across one (to have as a loaner or spare). I rated her at a 7 because I have learned how much faster and reactive a glass boat is with my same technique and skill level. If you are looking for a great boat at an affordable price (used only) I would say this is a sure bet.