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Name: billjmiller

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I am a ACA Level 1 kayak instructor and teach 150 - 200 school age students and adults to paddle each year. The Stohiquist Tow Motion pfd is my everyday jacket for teaching. It has a snug fit that is easily adjustable for layering. Two thin pockets, one zippered, to keep lesson cards, snack bars, and keys. A large zippered pocket for cell phone, gps, or radio. I keep my iPhone in the pocket with lifeproof case and it stays safe and resonably dry even after wet exits. I wear the jacket with the Sea Tow bullet throw bag. I have had to use it to tow children up wind who got exhausted in foul weather. It connects easily to the Tow Motion jacket and sits high enough that it doesn't get in the way of the seat.

We have purchased 20-25 Carlisle day tripper paddles over the last five years for our school's small fleet of kayaks. They are a great entry paddle that is affordable, light, featherable and easy to store. It has been our first choice when replacing a worn out or damaged paddle in our inventory.

Our school applied and was awarded a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife and we purchased 16 Perception Tribes; eleven 9.5 boats and five 11.5 boats. We have been extremely happy with our purchase and have figured out we choose the best all around sit-on-top kayak. They are easy to use by beginners to advanced and allow paddlers to experience all of the basic kayaking skills. They are stable for larger paddlers yet easy to maneuver for younger users. The 9.5 tracks really well, turns fairly fast, and is easy to re-enter when doing a wet exit. If we made the purchase again I would just get all 9.5 boats. We purchased the 11.5 for our larger students, faculty and community members thinking they would be more stable..... they are but the 9.5 works well with the big guys also. Our boats have taken five years of school use and are still holding up well. They have been on flat water, moving water, streams, ponds, tidal pools, mangroves, storm surf, extended trips, overnight trips, and class 2 white water. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They stack four high for storage, can hold a lot of gear, and easily portaged by students, and nest well for trailering. I have been on all types of sit-on-tops and no other 9.5 boat compares to the 9.5 tribe.

The best sit on top kayak out there. Good on lakes, streams, rivers and in the surf. Stack-able, light enough to throw on top of a car. The tribe is stable for novice paddlers but is an awesome boat for intermediate/advanced paddlers. 9.5 turns quickly yet tracks well for a sit on top.