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Name: twilightbloom

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This has a laynard and my iphone 5c fits perfectly. It allows me to take my phone to take photos and wear over my neck. It has kept my phone dry. The only thing I don't like is how it folds over at top and plastic tends to get in way of lens. However, it doesn't affect my photos that it's inside a pouch.

This is my first kayak and good for beginner. It has decent maneuverability for the price. Tracking is decent. It can get up and go in the water. However what I dislike is absolutely no storage whatsoever. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so wobbly but I have yet to flip in it. It seems stable enough.
I recommend for a beginner.

This paddle works great; no fatigue whatsoever. It pulls through the water great. However the shaft diameter is too thick. Especially for a woman's hands. My hand is 7 inches exactly. Its too easy to get a blister and I found the large diameter aluminum shaft distracting. I like the brand a lot. I upgraded to Bending Branches Sunrise with fiberglass shaft. It seems like it will work better for me. The shaft is smaller. I will review it once I get it out on the water...