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Name: Paddling_Patrick

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I'm sorta a newbie to paddling. I didn't know what to expect with the sit on kayak, I always used a canoe in the past. This Bali 10 SS is light and maneuverable in the water and very easy to paddle. I don't have to switch sides with the paddle but I still manage to get water in it. That isn't a problem because it has 2 holes that the water will drain from.

I'm not gonna fall out but I found out that balance is an issue. Not with the boat but with me. If I lean to one side or the other it affects the direction. I kept wondering why I was making 180 turns and now I know why. It is not very light but I didn't know what to expect. The adjustable foot rests are nice, the seat back is comfortable. I do find that the little hooks for fishing rods or for a pole lanyard (I guess) catch my hands every once in a while while paddling. Not a big deal. No blood no foul.

Loading and unloading on the Outback is not too difficult but I have not tried doing it alone. Storing them is simple with the hanging straps. Nice little boats. I like 'em.