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Name: rebrumley

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This is an upgrade from a WaveSport Y and I could not be more pleased. The 2012 Dagger Mamaba 8.1 River Runner is very easy to paddle and great for a beginner. It turns very easy and is very responsive to my strokes and braces. Most WW kayaks can be difficult to paddle in flat water between runs, yet this boat seems to be easier to move straight on those flat sections of a river.

Dagger includes outfitting for leg and seat adjustment and the seat itself is very comfortable. The backband is adjustable and provides great support as I rotate my torso during paddling. A great resource are the online videos on the Dagger website that explain out to use the provided padding for outfitting my boat.

The 8.1 does fit me, but I am probably at the top end of height and leg length. I am 6'1 and 190 lbs. My paddling partner is a bit shorter, but heavier and fits the 8.6 Mamba better. I have yet to have the opportunity to paddle above a Class III, but the fall paddling season is here!