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Name: raoulduke101

Most Recent Reviews

This is a great all around canoe, especially if you plan to paddle on rivers with any sort of rapids. I have had the 16 LT for about 4 months now and have primarily used it on Texas rivers with Class 1 and 2 rapids with lots of flat water in between.

This design strikes a perfect balance between maneuverability, stability, and tracking. It's got enough rocker to execute turns in rapids, yet with decent paddling skills it will cruise nicely on flat water. It's just as stable as other canoes in this class, such as the Old Town Discovery, but is much more nimble in tight areas and rapids. Obviously the extra rocker (which makes it more maneuverable) makes paddling in a straight line a bit more difficult, but I find it is easy to keep tracking straight with minimal "J" strokes.

If you were looking to buy a canoe for flat water only, then you might consider something with less rocker. If you plan to do a little bit of everything, this is an excellent canoe. It's great for loading up with gear, kids, and dogs for a day on the river.