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Love the Sedna because it maneuvers a lot like a whitewater boat but also has super speedy pick up when you need to accelerate quickly in waves or coastal waters. Good cruising speed more like a touring boat and the tracking is not nearly as bad as some people on this forum seem to think. It tracks way better than a lot of higher rocker sea kayaks I've paddled and requires only slight correction with the rudder. This quickly becomes second nature and you don't think about it. The Sedna isn't ideal for long distance days and extended trips but it is superior for exploring wavy and rocky coastlines, sea caves, playing in surf, or paddling for fun and fitness.

A great all-around boat with Canadian quality. They are tough and well put together even though they eschew the fancy stitching and designer EVA cushions that make Necky and Wildy so flashy. These are classic looking and have great lines. Love just looking at this little boat. It is my favorite and I also own a Delta 16 and a Pungo 140.

Fit and finish on this kayak is excellent...good build quality. I read some review that says it doesn't track well but I do not know why. Mine tracks true in all sorts of conditions to the point that I often don't bother with the rudder. Comfortable seat. Good all around boat for paddling in the Puget Sound

We purchased two of these for our cabin on Lopez Island. We have been extremely happy with them as have our guests. Very stable with a spacious cockpit. They track like a much longer boat and handle very well. The skeg is nice but we don't find we ever really need to use it. Lots of extras like the paddle and rods holders, bulkheads, cargo net...perfect boats for day trips in the Puget Sound. Could be used for a weekend trip. Sea kayak performance with rec boat comfort. Probably the closest you can get to a do-all kayak out there. Affordable compared to other brands. Would buy again.