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I purchased a gently used Nessmuk xl for my partner, who is afraid of kayaks but needed a lightweight solo Canoe to fish from. After researching for months, I decided a Pack Canoe would offer the best combination of stability, ease of transporting and maneuverability. I was excited to find a canoe that paddled like a kayak, as canoes are tippy.

The bad:
1. "tender" is how some describe this Rushton designed Pack Canoe... I call it tippy to an extreme. Hard to get in and out of, even with Peter Hornbeck's excellent You Tube instructional video, particularly in locations that only offer a concrete (slippery) boat launch surrounded by feet of goose poop. No foot braces are provided to help with weight distribution and efficient paddling...big con.
2. The seat is a minuscule mini cell foam glued to the inside bottom. This results in a wet ride and is uncomfortable. Dave Curtis, owner/builder, recommends placing a Crazy Creek camping chair over it for extra cushioning of the buttocks and back; this results in even more discomfort, sliding and poor body rotation when fishing.
3. Each paddle stroke is immediately responded to, leading to poor tracking.

1. This is a beautiful boat made of Kevlar with a gel coat and ash rails. The thwarts are well placed and flotation in stern and bow are sealed. Although easy to scratch up, it's tough and is easily cleaned. The gel coat gleams, even after 7 years of use.
2. At 24 lbs, she is easy to pick up, carry and cartop; this is a plus for a 65 yo, 5'5" woman!
3. She is nimble, easy to turn and fast! I have a fiberglass sea kayak that glides and my partner can almost keep up with me.
4. She carries a lot of gear, is easy to trimmed somehow my partner is able to fish to her hearts content.
5. She handles beautifully in choppy conditions created by weather or the wake from other boats. She seems happy on a big lake as well as smaller calm lakes.
6. Although I wouldn't want to paddle her, my partner loves her boat and seems to have mastered her quite well.