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Name: radiomix

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I have had my 500 for about a month. The quality and finish of the boat is everything they promise. I don't understand the terrible seat. Sit on the seat pan and get a back band. After that the boat is actually really comfortable. This boat is perfect for lakes and large rivers where intimate contact with your boat is not really required. The high deck gives bigger guys more leg flexibility. Just wish the cockpit was maybe two inches longer and the seat moved one inch forward.

Boat is responsive and very stable. It is as fast as a non racer would ever need to go. It moves efficiently with a comfortable cadence, and doesn't feel like it is dragging at low speeds. The rudder is great for the wind and steering on rivers. I know rudders aren't for steering, but if it is there I'm using it.

If you are undecided between boats, save your money and get the QCC. Better yet, wait for a used one on their site.

Stop worrying about demoing every stupid boat. Especially if your live in a place with limited kayaks. If I bought local I would only be able to choose from a tsunami or a tempest. In the end you are never going to know until you own it. The worse thing that happens is you have another boat.

I will say that there customer service is fine, but I'm confused by their lack of emailing. There company is primarily on the internet, so..... I am still waiting on an answer to three attempts at an email. I know I could call, but now I'm just being stubborn.