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Name: Jeffory

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I recently purchased a Grumman 1850 canoe. They sell new for: MSRP Pricing (US$):* Aluminum (85 lbs) - $1292.00

They are currently constructed out of .040" skins instead of .050" to save weight and weigh in at 72 pounds. The older 1850's weigh about 80 pounds. I can carry the 1850 by myself for short distances, but then I am nearly 69 years young.

It has obviously been Gently used a lot over the years. The serial number in 4 digits long, and according to information I received from the customer service department of Marathon Boats, this canoe was manufactured sometime prior to 1974. I have purchased the Grumman motor mount, and powered it with a 50# thrust Minkota trolling motor and was very pleased with the performance. With a little bit of TLC this canoe could well end up with my nephews or nieces or even their children when I no longer need it.