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Name: oyvindbl

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I am a Norwegian kayak instructor and have been paddling a NDK Romany for almost 6 years. I bought my Greenlander Pro last Spring and I now use it for everything except rough water play, because that’s what the Romany does best.

I use Greenland paddles when I am out for my small afternoon and day trips because it gives me less trouble with my tennis elbow. It is a fast boat for being fishform and hardchined, and it keeps a speed around 4 knots with a paddle frequency of 50 strokes/minute with my Greenland paddle. It is easy to edge with a solid secondary stability, and it responds extremely well to being steered by edging.

It is not a very stable beginners boat, and it is always needing some attention due to the extremely hard chines. But this is what makes it fun and interesting to paddle on days when the Romany would be slow and boring. And it makes me a better paddler by challenging me.

It is a wonderful boat in wind and waves, but can be a real challenge sometimes when the hardchines are gripped by currents, but again, it makes me a better paddler. I have a rope skeg which works fine without any danger of damaging with kinked wires, etc.
It is easy to roll, but not as easy as the Romany.

This boat looks hot! The long sleek lines and upswept stern gets a lot of attention from other kayakers (and non-kayakers). And it looks great on the water.

I am a experienced kayaker, but had never tried a SUP board before I purchased a used NSP 11' ex-demo board in black camo. I was surprised to feel how stable it is and how fas it reacts to the paddlestrokes. It is really easy maneuverable to be 11'long. I will sure have lots of fun with this board in the future. Pros It is lightweight with a good grip to carry it. Feels stable and safe while still being easily maneuverable. Cons Haven't found it yet. Usage Touring and exercise