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I found that the LC to be a great all-around boat, I've paddled it in varied conditions from smooth, calm-beautiful water to 2-4 foot waves, fair surfing conditions and it surfed very well! I've also paddled it in force 4 to 5 conditions I didn't notice any weather cocking that was was not easily overcome with paddling strokes and edging, just an overall nice kayak.

This boat rolls very well! However, it is a very low volume Kayak there's no storage space it's good for day trips, But I can't imagine storing a lot of camping gear in this boat. Without exception people sure love the looks of this boat it's a very elegant, sleek and well manufactured boat.

There are no toggles on the bow or stern this will need to be corrected and I replaced all of the deck rigging because my boat which is an off-white came with a funny grey colored rigging which I didn't like.