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Name: jjmckillop

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I purchased the Suspenz two boat rack with the optional roller wheel assembly about a month ago. As some others have stated I thought the price was a bit high initially, that is until I received the product and saw how well made and heavy duty it was. Directions are very straight forward, assembly takes about 1 hour including clean up and having the recommended beverage while admiring the new rack.

The only issue I had was the online description stated it had adjustments for width, depth and length of Kayaks, and even gave a chart to set up the distance between the two stands. When I received the product it came with a 1 piece cross bar that did not allow for any length adjustment. I phoned Suspenz and was told that the new bar is adjustable and I apparently did not receive that. I was told that Pam would call me as she was more familiar with the new bar. Just as I was finishing putting it all together Pam called and confirmed that I did need the new bar. She told me to go ahead and use the existing bar and she would have the new one shipped to me. When I received the new one I also received an email with a prepaid RMA to send the other bar back. This was a very pleasant experience with Excellent customer service that is lacking today with most purchases.

The Suspenz Rack is an excellent product, well worth the money. Very well constructed, powder coated and best of all "Made in the USA". My wife and I can now paddle for a few hours come home roll the rack out to the driveway, load them and rinse them and all our gear and roll it all back in the garage in time to enjoy happy hour. Very pleased with the rack and the customer service.