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Name: WaterTraveler

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After reading a few of the reviews I was second guessing the purchase of the Swiftwater, having bought it for my daughters. They are not beginners but don’t paddle regularly so I had concerns about the reports of trouble with wind, even "the slightest breeze." I must say I didn’t have any problems and didn’t find it difficult to paddle at all.

It's a fast boat that tracks rather well. Stability is good once you’re in. Getting in and out requires a little balance. According to one review, the Swiftwater was originally a Dagger Blackwater and was designed with a retractable skeg. Having the skeg would make the boat better but for the price it’s a good recreational kayak and at 44 lbs. its light too. I had no issues with the hatch which has ample storage for overnight or weekend trips. One miner con was the absence of a drainage port. Don’t know why they didn’t put one in so you’ll need a sponge, kayak bilge pump, or you can add one yourself.

Overall the Swiftwater performed well and the pros defiantly outweigh the cons.

Great crossover kayak. Handles whitewater and flat water admirably. The retractable skeg, when deployed, adds control on flat water. When the skeg is not deployed the boat turns on a dime. o It is also one of the most comfortable kayaks on the market. The dry hatch holds a lot of gear, but the cover is difficult to get off. That is good in some respects as you don't have to worry about any water getting in. However, there is a small area to lift the hard cover hatch - you can only get one finger in about a half inch. Not much leverage to open the hatch.

All in all this is a great versatile kayak.