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As former canoers but new kayakers we were reluctant to spend a lot on paddles until we knew a little more on what we needed. The outfitter suggested the Carlisle Day Tripper fixed length, fixed angle (flat) model. Before I put it in the water I had "angle envy" because I thought for sure that I would notice the need for a 60 deg. option. After paddling for a couple hours with my wife in our Twin Heron, I appreciated the ease of using the fixed flat angle paddle.

Prior to seeing and using these Carlisles, I had held some aluminum paddles which were much heavier in a couple sporting goods stores and I was concerned about having to spend big buck on a non-aluminum paddle. For an aluminum paddle it feels quite light and didn't tire either of us on our maiden voyage of our tandem kayak.

Just bought the Twin Heron and have had it out twice (if you count the try-before-you-buy outing). Handles smoothly for the two of us. It's advertised as an acceptable solo kayak also, and although I've only tried it on a short loop around the lake without any real wind, so far so good. I might add some foam thigh pads if I do a lot of solo activity. A pack, cooler or young grandchild in the front seat would probably trim it out a little better.

At 60 lbs it's easy enough to heft onto a roof rack. My wife isn't real comfortable on the water (poor swimmer) yet she likes how it handles and feels safe in it. Maybe after we use it more I'll think to give it a 10