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are a premier line at a regular price and are based in California. They are exceptionally beautiful and better designed than others. Pau Hana boards are consistently reviewed by independent sources as the best of the best production boards for both function and construction. The Big Easy Hawaiian is rated as the most stable Stand up Paddle Board by Surf Magazine. Their Malibu line is an exceptional value. Pros beautiful, durable, handles well Cons Usage Lake paddle

I bought this to try whitewater Stand Up Paddleboarding I use it for everything, lakes, yoga, and whitewater. I am just starting out and really only doing class 1 whitewater. I am impressed with the board durability, stability and I can easitly steer it. It includes a pump, and bag, repairkit removable fins Pros Inflatable, tough, Cons Usage Whitewater

Their boards are manufactured to the highest standards of functional design, strength and light weight. Their Inflatable line is recognized as the best of the best. I have paddled most of their SUP and can really feel the quality. All this quality doesn't come at a competitive but not a cut rate price, but if you are buying a board for life, a little extra really pays off. Even their graphics, very cool, but not the glitseyist around, are from Hawaiian culture Pros Inflatable Cons Usage Whitewater

This is the best whitewater canoe there is for river running and slalom. It has a hard edge that is very responsive, it surfs, eddy turns, peels out. what a fun canoe to paddle.

C4 is a great brand of SUP. They make a great board for all conditions, i am shopping for a whitewater board, so I am trying a bunch out. i am impressed by the quality on this board Pros Fun, easy to paddle. Cons Looking for a whitewater board Usage On the lake

I had the opportunity to paddle the Pau Hanna Oahu paddleboard on a lake and a river. I raced it in a friendly race, it did great. I also had it out on a windy day on the river, it handdles well. Pros Handles Well Looks Great Lightweight Cons I am Looking for a whitewater board Usage Touring, Racing and Excercise board