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People rating this Kayak unstable and unable to stand, that'a on Them and Their own balance issues. I can stand and literally jump side to side on the edges on this kayal fully loaded and remain stable/my gear fine. I weigh 225pnds. My son has and can do the same on his, he is only 140pnds.

I have found the ease of removing this knife from the friction sheath Superior to the pilot knife The pilot clicks in and out and it seems like I have to catch it on its way out The edge is sharp and being titanium it’s more rust resistant

I did research on a canoe trailer for years and decided to buy the Remackel 4 Place Canoe trailer back in 2017. After nearly 3 years of use I can say this trailer is everything I need in a canoe trailer. The attention to detail that went into build this trailer is amazing. The selection of the right steel materials for the trailer and canoe racks will ensure this trailer lasts for decades with the hot dipped galvanized coating. This trailer is a must have for those who canoe and kayak. Well worth every penny, you won't be disappointed. Transporting canoes is no longer a stressful event, the Remackel 4 Place Canoe Trailer makes transporting my boats stress free.

The board is great, however there is one flaw. It will not keep the fin locked. I have lost fins with this technology. Now I have to get the lock.

I picked up a Solo Plus used for cheap and thought I would give it try. I already own a Wenonah Spirit II (tandem) and Prism (solo). Years ago I owned a Sundowner. All are great boats. My experience is the Solo Plus is not so great! It’s just too narrow to even comfortably use for day trips as a tandem. The stern seat is placed way back in an already very narrow canoe and my hips are pinched between the gunnels sitting in the seat. The bow seat has more room for the hips, but sacrifices leg room. In my other Wenonah tandems with the bow sliding seat, I would have to slide the seats all the way forward to replicate the seat position on the Solo Plus. I didn’t find having my knees bent up high above the gunnels very comfortable. Tandem, the canoe is just too twitchy and uncomfortable. Maybe if you and your paddle partner are very short and 100# each, this might be a better tandem canoe for you. I’ve paddled it solo a few more times and found it more functional and useable as a solo canoe, but not very fun or exciting to paddle. Compared to my Prism, the Solo Plus is a an over sized bloated log that pushes a lot of water and noticeably slower in the water and more effort to paddle. It just doesn’t have that fun sweet spot feeling to paddle as other dedicated solo canoes. Furthermore, it’s oversized shape becomes a real hassle to paddle in wind stronger than 15mph compared to my other solo canoe. My conclusion is that it’s virtually useless as a tandem canoe for average size paddlers and useable as a tuned down blah of a solo canoe. Otherwise just get a true dedicated solo canoe. I use to own a symmetrical Mad River Explorer that handled better at being both used tandem and solo. I would paddle it backwards solo and sit in the bow seat. Bottom line: the Solo Plus was designed to be used for many things, but handles subpar in all these things.

Our family bought 2 Max Velocities in 2001, and are still enjoying them in their 20th summer!! They still have the original cords on the skegs too. The only minor maintenance, has been occasional resealing of the front bulkheads. All in all, no regrets about purchasing these great kayaks.

Comfortable and easy to handle. Perfect for river and stream fishing, or just a ride down the river.

Here I will repost what is already on the Point 65 website: I wanted to love this product because I was after a modular kayak that didn't require so much space but was better than an inflatable - but I ended up hating it! First, like Felicia also says below this is an absolute NIGHTMARE to assemble and take apart - it looks so simple in the corporate videos, it ISN'T :)!! And this is from someone who uses and owns windsurfs, SUP boards, a dinghy etc... Secondly, it is heavy and so you must have a second person with you to carry it once assembled. Finally, it is poorly designed - there is a considerable gap where the 3 sections meet which really affect the aerodynamics of the hull. To top it all up customer service is terrible (I really expected so much more from a Swedish company). So in conclusion - do yourself a favour and try something else - there are many options out there.