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After using the Akiak for a while now, have upgraded to the new Kalleq. the lighter weight and feel is so much nicer...

I've been paddling for years, but the experience of paddling on a huge board like this with other members of my family for the first time is unforgettable

This unit is unlike any modified rowing machine in that you can stand close to the pulley allowing for both the down and pull part of the stroke vs pull only on the rowing machines. The company is great to deal with and stand behind their product. You may need to beef up the ‘paddle’ a bit if you’re consistently pulling high wattage.

I did a demo of this boat and the mullet. I spent about an hour in each catching eddies and playing in class 2-3. I just could not feel comfortable in it. Seemed too loose and it just didn’t seem to lock in and carve like I wanted it to. I also felt very unstable in it. It doesn’t have that centered feeling that I am use to with a planing Hull with edges. I know I could learn to like it but I am not committed enough at this point. Everyone I know loves them but it just wasn’t for me. I tried the mullet next and loved it. I bought one that day. I am 5’ 10” and 180.

I love my red and white caspian sea kayak...however I am now 74 years of age with knee issues so getting in and out is a bit is a challenge, especially since our shoreline is canadian shield granite and slopes into the water. I am thinking of trading this in on a smaller, lighter model with a larger opening so my lovely caspian is up for grabs if anyone is interested...i will definitely get another swift made kayak, particularly since thyey are made right here in South River, Ontario

High Quality design and construction. Keeps important items at arms reach in a compact, sleek holder.

Love this paddle. Feather light yet strong. Felt powerful strokes compared to European paddle. Great as a brace and to use to get in and out of kayak.

Nice design, simple to use and quality workmanship

A beautiful looking paddle that feels and paddles even better than it looks. I have a couple of other Gearlab paddles in my kit but this is by far the best.

Light weight!