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Couldn't be happier with the Hala Rado. Very stable and surfs great. It's built bomber and has held up great so far. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get on the river or lake.

I bought 6 two years ago and have 12 older (different brands) kayaks at my ranch on a river. The Tarpon 100's have lost most of their handles from rot and the seats are in various states of disrepair. Four of the 6 have severe leaks due to holes in the same place on each kayak. I use these in a river where there are infrequent, low level, rocky rapids. The scupper holes under the seats where they intersect the bottom are a weak point in the design and construction of these kayaks. Repairing this is almost impossible since the holes all occur where the bottom of the kayak turns up into the scupper hole.
None of the other kayaks have these problems. The Native Watercraft kayaks I have had on this river for 10 years and still using the same handles and have no leaks.

i have owned this canoe for 20 years and couldnt be happier.Its great for lake fishing and has good beam and freeboard.very stable

I like the kayak specially the price for a 13ft pedal drive one but it has issues with leaky screws used to secure accessories. The kayak already had the recall done to the rudder base leaking issue but the problem seems to be with any screw. I noticed my issue on dry dock when it rained I would find water had seeped in to the hull and confirmed the problem by replicating the issue. I sent an email and got a reply 10 days later that did not address the problem. I replied emphasizing the issue was not in the water but on dry dock but got no response. I ended up calling to explain the issue and what I thought was the problem and was told I would get an email with instructions on how to remove the pedal deck to check the screws or seams and to email back my findings. I did not get any email and found the instructions on my own in their YouTube channel. I found that the main screws that hold the pedal drive deck to the kayak were the problem and I solved the problem by sealing the screws and the screw sleeves with silicon. I sent an email with my findings but again got no reply. The last thing you want is a leaky kayak and bad customer support. Again I like the kayak but lost confidence in pelican’s quality control and customer service. I hope I don’t have any other issues and that Pelican address this problem. PS: Pad reviews on their site are removed.

Well we are 65 and 66 respectively and I cleaned up my OT Loon 160T to sell. Too heavy to carry? Maybe. Taking up space out back? Yeah. It doesn’t help my hubs calls it a divorce boat because I always complained about paddling in the front to turn around and realize he was FISHING in the back!!!! She’s so smooth and easy to steer and paddle. I remember!! Cut through the ponds and mountain lakes ...dreamy. So I’m not so sure about selling it! I’m Looney!! She cleaned up perfectly! Like I do after a mountain trip! No rudder or cockpit cover but seats and space and locks and storage all there....I can still help the old man put it in the suv and get it in the water! I think I’ll keep it! I can’t put a price on possibly more great memories for us and our adult children! Guess I did a 360 on selling my 160T!

I have used for 2 summers along the Saginaw Bay shoreline and I think it is awesome. Handles the small waves fine, great for staying along the shoreline. My trips are normally 4-5 miles in distance, never more than 2 miles from home beach, you can never trust the wind here, Never had to but stay where I can beach it and walk home. Great for exercise, alot of fun in mildly rough water, great to learn on, runs great on nice mild waves.

I am 74 years old and have been using sit on kayaks for a number of years. The Sport is the first one that I have sat in to paddle and i love it. It tracks like an arrow, glides like an eagle, and turns on a dime. I can spend a whole day paddling and feel great afterwards. I may add another sit in to my fleet.

It's a bit of a barge to paddle but a skeg and some persistence and this tough little boat will get you to anywhere in your favorite waterways. I've dragged it down low rivers and paddled long stretxmches of open lakes and it's never let me down.

So I've been paddling with my Greenland 210 cm carbon Kalleq for approximately 2 months now. I've paddle approximately 215 nautical miles in this short time with my paddle in all sea state conditions and it as always amazed me. The Kalleq is one fine paddle. At 210 it weighs in at approx. 725 grams, as light as a Greenland red cedar paddle and lighter then some laminated wooden paddles. It is so light but yet so strong and well built. I just love a paddle that doesn't flex and responds to the paddlers action strokes. It allows us to save some energy and to go further without any wasted strokes. Being 1.1 mm at the edges, on the widest section, the paddle slices the water like a hot knife. It's smooth entering and exiting the water and allows me to make some precise maneuvers that wasn't possible with any other carbon or wooden paddle I've tried. The blade responds so well to the paddlers actions it's unbelievable! I have progressed so much with all the different stokes and braces in this short time. I've also practice my Greenland rolls with it, it as some good buoyancy and is so much more technical then any other paddle I've roll with. Thanks to the innovation in the fabrication of the Kalleq. The two pcs paddle is tight at the joint and easy to take apart with it's flush push button, and so convenient for us sea kayakers for traveling and for the other one on are front deck. The new replaceable tips are awesome they come with only one screw and made of tough plastic that will last for many years under normal conditions. I have shared my paddle with friends for a few hours to full days paddle and everyone love it! I would recommend the Kalleq to all beginners, intermediate or advanced paddlers.

Canadian kayaker Adventurer

We have an Enduro 13 and Enduro 14. The 13 works very well, easily paddled, fast and reasonably maneuverable. My wife and daughter have paddled it in waves up to 6 feet and it has handled them very well. It is a little less tippy than the 14 foot Enduro which makes sense since it is also marginally wider. The only thing that has been a slight problem has been that the Skeg mechanism doesn't like sand and I have had to remove small (1/2") pebbles from beside the skeg which has prevented it from operating properly occasionally. Realistically this isn't a huge problem except that putting the kayak in from shore does tend to put it in an environment where it can pick up rocks and sand, so preventative maintenance is a must. We have had the same issue with sand in the Enduro 14s rudder mechanism, again, maintence is the cure. So really we are very happy overall with the performance of the Enduro 13 and would recommend it to anyone who wants a fast moving stable kayak for basically anything you can throw at it. Obviously it isn't a white water kayak nor is it a multi day large body of water sea kayak, but if you want to take it on smaller inland lakes and rivers for adventures that span a few days and may see variable conditions this is a kayak you should try.