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Had the best time with my daughter out on the lake. She was able to catch her limit and mine.when pulling up on shore all the kids around came to see her get out so of corse I had her take the fish. Never seen a little Kid-O so happy. 15 years latter still one of the best memories I have . I’ve been crippled for 13 years but I’m moving now and have three more little ones that are about to start whole new adventures with me and my beautiful wife! I finally have my own fishing team and never have to worry about having someone to go with. I do need one more canoe though! I will be connecting them!works great with a mini Kota just clamp it to the side you don’t need any kind of mount..

I received the new updated model in August 2020 and have had it on several trips, mostly on rivers. It is so incredibly fun to paddle! I had a 10' SOT kayak previous, and while nice to paddle, wasn't very fast, had minimal storage, and I would hit my knees paddling. The Scupper has a ton of storage, and is fast! Stability is also excellent - although I have yet to fully put it to the test and purposefully lean until I tip over. It has great secondary stability. Even travelling parallel to white caps it stayed upright. If I had one nitpick it would be the scupper drains. They work fine, but so far seem very hard to push out to engage, albeit easier to pop back up. Perhaps they just need some breaking in to loosen up. I've added some Ram mounts for phone and water bottle, and will also use it to fish out of. Overall just a fantastic design. Tracks straight but retains the ability to be maneuverable, at least as well as a 14' kayak can be. It's the first kayak I've paddled that I get truly excited about getting on the water with.

I just purchased my second Grumman Sport Boat. Bought the first one in pretty rough condition. Refurbed it and sold it. Kicked myself until I found this one. Love it. Barn find. 1973 Boat and trailer in excellent condition. Row it or motor it. 30lb thrust trolling or 2.5hp gas. 800 lb capacity. Indestructible. Former owner enjoyed it for 30 years. Love it.

I've had a Kevlar Mango Tango since 2001. I've sailed & paddled it all over Maine with hand-held sails I made....once 13 miles. I'm in my 60's (female) and can get it on top of my lifted Toyota Tundra TRD on to foam blocks on my Yakima rack. This is one of the "best" purchases I have made in my life. Thank you Seda!

I purchased the Nectar for it's high angle, and adjustable length and feather. Very nice quality and price. Unbeatable performance at this price. Very happy with it!

Capable mid-level boat for a plastic tandem. The rounded hull design could benefit from some chines to help with the feel of the boat, holding an edge in waves, and a better feeling for the secondary stability. It holds a good amount of gear, the bulkheads and hatches keep your stuff dry and easily accessible, as well as adding safety in the form of additional buoyancy. The rudder helps it track quite well, and provides ease of turning. The seats are quite comfortable and the tilt and lumbar adjustments are a really nice touch. The rudder peddles stay in place and don’t rebound when you take your foot off, saving you a considerable amount of frustration. Also, it is nice that the forward rider has food braces. My only real concern with this boat is how well the hatches will hold up. I’m accustom previous kayaks which all had a hard hatch over a neoprene cover. Time will tell if these rubberized hatch covers will hold up, but one has already lost the bungee cord so doesn’t hold as tightly as it should. We’ll eventually upgrade to a composite boat to save our backs the weight, but this is a great boat for those looking for a seaworthy tandem that won’t break the bank. Overall, I’m pleased with this kayak and I’d definitely purchase it again.

I love Redfish’s custom foam seats. I first purchased one for my new-to-me Kevlar Gulfstream. The fit is perfect. As an added bonus, I no longer worry about is seat-back/backband “flop-over” during entry (or re-entry). I’m y’all & the new seat allowed me to move it back a scootch,, adding a very welcome inch of room for my tired, old legs . But it’s not just comfort & fit; it is light, athletic, & is itself additional flotation. Plus, when I screwed up a measurement on a new seat for my old plastic kayak , Joe called me when something seemed out of whack to him. When you receive a superior product with that level of service, you have really tapped into a special value.

Tracks well but due to open concept hull, takes in water easily. Had I known this, I would have passed on this model.

A beautifully design enhanced well crafted piece of ancient time tested functionality.

Perfect Boat for A Small Girl. I'm 5'4" 110lbs and this boat fits me like a glove. It is perfect for river hopping, handles class 1 & 2 rapids with ease, and also tracks well on flat water. The hatches are a bit small so pack wisely. And the seat is not the most comfortable. I use foam pads on my back. This boat is now Sitka LT. If you are a small paddler like me and you paddle mostly rivers, please do yourself a favor and get one.