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Hahaha this boat wasn't made for poking around lakes and it wouldn't be good at it. Perception makes great boats and the Arc and Spark were great in the late 90's. They'd be a good beginner boat these days, fun for eddying, ferrying and would punch right through sticky holes. Have fun.

Like many other I have owned several canoes and most were fun and usable. The colman I had was not great. Had a flexible bottom and really didnt track well. Fast forward 20 years and we found a used 1750CS online dirt cheap with a motor, trailer, and trolling motor in mint condition ($750). We have used it regularly now for over a year. And what a boat it is. Being a hard core kayak guy we were not taking much with us to save weight. Over time we have realized it's true capabilities. We take everything we need and dont even think about weight. When I go solo I take 2 batteries to aid in balance. Allows me to sit in the back and with our 35 pound thrust trolling motor and a single type 27 battery it has a range of over 10 miles with wind and current. The withlacoochie river can have some strong current. This boat will run up or down current no problem. Will run 5mph on high into the wind. A true expedition class craft. Were we fish they charge $5 to park a trailer, but no charge to park a vehicle. So we load her stern first in my short bed truck and put a flag on the bow. We or I can unload from the boat ramp in minutes. We absolutely love this boat. Easy to run trot lines from and great for drifting and trolling as well. This is the last canoe we will ever own. Unless a 19 footer happens to show up cheap. It also paddles great single or double. Up current or down.

Super light weight and slices through the water effortlessly!

We use our friends and we love it

If I could give it negative 5 stars I would. This is the worst tracking and by FAR THE LEAST STABLE yak I've ever been in and I won't even get into scupper and storage issues. Do yourself a favor and pay up for quality, you won't regret it.

Broke in half while a girl was putting on the fin. It was still halfway in the box with wrapping. We called their office and they were extremely rude.

This thing is soo unstable if you barely shift in your seat it feels like you're going to flip it..not a good purchase!! Feels top heavy . Going to try putting a little water in it so its not overly buoyant

Tomahawk unstable and questionable durability would not buy this product again very disappointing.

Took out one trip 3 hrs on the water that is flat water no wind got home with the kayak pull out of my truck open the hatch and about a gallon of water in the yak so I took it to the dealer and soon as they pulled the kayak out they saw what the problem was in the tank well they said the scuppers hole were blowed out Iam glad I didn’t stay out all day probably would of sunk I have over the past 10 years bought 14 kayaks and never had this problem

The carrying handle came out the first time I used it. I thought if I screwed it in tight enough, it would be okay. Nope - the next time I used the kayak, the handle popped out again. A really horrible design - the carrying handle has a giant plastic 'screw' and is attached to, basically, a hole in the boat. My husband has a Lifetime kayak too and his isn't designed this way, his is looped thru a permanent notched area on the kayak. We've contacted Lifetime for other issues on another kayak and they've been wonderfully responsive. However I don't have a lot of hope for this issue because of the poor design, and there really isn't anything to make the plastic screw fit tighter or not come loose. Probably I will be sent some type of marine adhesive which I am not crazy about. The kayak floats okay- it's an inexpensive boat, permanent foot rests so good luck if your legs fall in between the slots.