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Got this kayak second hand, it’s super stable and practical

Love it! Its light enough to carry easily (barring strong winds) and load. It handles well and rolls smoothly.

I can tell you from many years of first hand experience that after quartering and loading a Moose, you can climb in and paddle back up the river. People say they are unstable but I think they must be. I've only about rolled one and it was my fault. Wish I still had one.

I had a need for a light strong greenland paddle that had the ability to breakdown in two parts. The Gearlab paddle fit the bill perfectly. The paddle is light strong and is a dream to paddle with. the catch is smooth as well is the exit. I have been using wood greenland paddles for many years and this is a real upgrade.

After paddling the 2019 Malibu X Factor for several months ( about 500 hours on the water) there are definite pros and cons. I've owned the original X Factor before and comparing the two, I prefer the older model. So here's my opinion on the 2019 model. First off the quality from the factory is horrible. So many blems, and the holes cut for the flush mount rod holders look like they were cut with a chainsaw. Cons of the design, the xseat is over weight, the stand up bar is useless. The front rod holders are useless, unless your arms are 5' long. Zero storage compared to the original X Factor. The bait tank compartment makes it so you can't steal your rods inside and retrieve them from the front hatch near the seat. Scupper hole drainage is noisy and a wet ride the whole time, doesn't drain all the water, so you constantly have a puddle under your seat and feet. I preferred the four corner locking rectangular patches compared to the single lever rectangular hatch every time you open the hatch it lets water inside from the recessed cavity for the lever. Transducer Mount ready only if you drill a 1 inch hole in by$30 of extra Hardware to install your Fishfinder. Also you have to purchase reinforcing foam blocks due to their design flaw in the seating area. I'm not a big guy but it's ridiculous that the plastic deforms that easily. Hatches don't keep water out. Feels less stable I don't know if they changed the design of the whole to distribute water differently but the original I could literally ride on the bow and paddle. I wouldn't even attempt to do that now on this model. Unfortunately the only Pros that I can think for this model is the recessed track, the carrying handles are nice, and that's about it other than that I would definitely recommend looking into a kayak with some form of drive system.

Buonasera a tutti, non sono per ora possessore di questo meraviglioso Kayak, quindi non posso dare un giudizio tecnico, ma visto il video del montaggio sono rimasto veramente affascinato dalla precisione dei vari pezzi con cui veniva assemblato. Complimenti. Un Saluto

I have been paddling Greenland paddles for 9 years. The Kalleq is not perfect, but as close as you can get. Much like a Porsche might not be the best choice for off-roading. It has a clean entry, a smooth easy pull with a low swing weight. Easy on "old" shoulders, definitely an all day paddle. My wife is transitioning from a Euro paddle to a Greenland paddle. After paddling with other sticks, she paddled with the Kalleq and now when we paddle together, she uses the Kalleq. I am forced to use one of the other sticks. Maybe time for another Kalleq. Like with all of the Gearlab products Chung Shih has once again produced a winner. Bravo!

The Kalleq is my third greenland paddle from Gearlab, a hitec version of more than 4000 years of paddle experience, a piece of perfection.

Bought One Of These Boats Used Online. Proud Of This Beauty! It Is A Antique, I Kno Atleast 25 Years Old Or More, And Sure It Has Been On Some Awesome Adventure. I Love, And I Am Thankful For The Services! All The Way From North Logan County, Kentucky

Great from new, initially I thought this was a good quality product, after approximately 6 trips I found the soft gray cradle mounting strips started to become unseated and got damaged easily. The red locking handle has started to crack and has broken away after 15 trips. this cannot be replaced readily and requires a complete new carrier. The design can be improved to provide longevity by improving the locking handle and mounting materials/design.