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Tracking a Canoe Upwind

We're now looking at wanting to track upwind. So it's got to the stage where I don't want to paddle, I don't want to use my path pole, so I'm gonna track.

So got my throw line, gonna do a couple of things with it then. So carabiner onto the back of the boat, open it up, and then tying off to the bow seat. And what this gives me, now, is a very quick and simple
tracking system, and this is the one that I'll use very simply on this open water environment to allow me to just to move upwind.

Once all the rope's out of the bag, and we're just gonna flip it underneath the bow and back round to us. And as I work my way up, now, that gives me control of the ropes.

Last job to do to help me is back to my trim, and this time we want the trim stern-heavy. And that's the system now set up for us to track upwind.

So I've got the canoe already set with the bow out. I'm now just gonna walk out and get to the end of my rope. Holding onto the loop, I'm now gonna give a pull on the back edge of the rope, which will send the
canoe out, and then I can carry on walking.

Out she goes. Looking now, guys, to hold that angle, the trim at the back, nice and easy.

This video is courtesy of Glenmore Lodge in Scotland featuring instructor Dave Rossetter.
Glenmore Lodge offer a range of Open Boating / Canoeing courses from April to November.

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