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Inflatable SUP vs. Excavator

Red Paddle Co. went above and beyond normal lab testing in this experiment on their inflatable 10'6 Ride SUP a…

Tags: Video, SUP, Extreme, gear

Seal Launch of a Sea Kayak?

Watch the extremes that some paddlers will go to when they just have to get on the water... This video demonst…

Tags: Video, Kayak, launching

Tandem kayaking a sand dune

Watch as two guys "paddle" down the Kelso Dunes in California…

Tags: Video, Extreme, kayaking, sand

Extreme Ways of Surfing Giant Waves

Watch this compilation video of different, unique and odd ways of surfing giant waves. Including SUP, Foilboar…

Tags: Video, Extreme, SUP, hydrofoil, surfing

The Kayak Submarine

South African inventor Olivier Feuillette has built a kayak that converts into a human-powered submarine. It a…

Tags: Video, unique, Kayak, submarine

Russians Hijacking an Ice Floe

This neat drone footage shows an army of SUPers paddling a chunk of ice in Ussuri Bay near Vladivostok, Russia…

Tags: Video, SUP, Extreme

Tandem Kayak Ditch Run

Watch kayakers Rush Sturges and Ben Marr take a tandem kayak down a steep, narrow drainage chute near the comm…

Tags: Video, Extreme, tandem, kayaking

Super Fast Paddlecraft

You've seen a canoe or kayak with a motor before, right? Probably not one that can go this fast! Watch this vi…

Tags: Video, Extreme, motor

Shark Steals Kayakers Catch

Watch this video of a kayak angler's close call with a shark stealing his catch! Isaac Brumaghim was fishing n…

Tags: Video, kayak fishing, shark, surprise