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Dehydrating Food for Paddling Trips (part 2)

Homemade dehydrated food is the ideal way to bring variety to multiday kayak trips. It reduces the bulk and th…

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Desserts for Paddlers

Through the years, the only desserts that I have not been able to prepare in my camp kitchen were ice cream or…

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Camp Cooking with Aluminum Foil

If there is one piece of camping gear that I would never leave behind, it is aluminum foil. That is probably b…

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Dehydrating Food for Paddling Trips

For many years I've been an avid sea kayaker who resisted the temptation to dehydrate my food before any given…

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Prepackaged Food made Sexy

As I write this food column in January, I'm sitting in front of my wide bay window. Outside, the blizzard cont…

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Camp Kitchen Etiquette

Kevin Callan gives some sage advice on cleaning up cooking pots and pans at camp, including where to clean…

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Homemade Holiday Goodies for Paddlers

This Christmas, as always, you're hoping to see big smiles appear on the faces of your loved ones when they un…

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Camp Cooking Gear Extras!

With the summer season ready to glow, I've been busy lately rearranging my cooking essentials: the little tool…

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Holiday Meals for Paddlers

I'll be honest with you: where I live, the six family kayaks are nestled all snug in their racks (under a blan…

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