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Choosing Rain Gear

Hi, I'm Kevin Callan and today on Body Gear we're gonna talk about rain gear. Rubber, it's not that bad but if…

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Grab Your Gloves

For blue water paddlers, a good pair of paddling gloves is a standard piece of gear/wardrobe. Perhaps not alwa…

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I like wearing wool. I always have. Some may think it's because I'm too cheap to buy some of the "fancier" fab…

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The Perfect Camp Hat

I didn't give it much thought at first when my paddling buddy began handing over his sleeping pad, rain jacket…

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Footwear and Fancy Free

Want to start a debate around camp? Make a firm statement behind your choice of footwear for canoe tripping an…

Dressing for Cold Weather Paddling

I bought my first boat, an "experienced" little whitewater kayak, right in the middle of a balmy August. It wa…

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Testing Your Immersion Ensemble

It is wintertime and the water is cold in the north (if not frozen) and us northern paddlers envy those in tro…

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Dressing for Immersion

Spring is here and the weather is getting warm. Here in Santa Barbara it is even getting hot. When the air tem…

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Paddling Clothing for All Seasons

Proper paddling skills are extremely important, but they won't help you that much if you are not properly dres…

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