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Canoeing in Indiana

Canoeing Locations in Indiana

Canoeing in Indiana

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All of our Indiana paddling locations are from paddlers like you. Search thousands of put-in and take-out locations on our locations map!

Guide to Canoeing in Indiana

Canoeing in Indiana is a popular activity, as is kayaking. Choose from several esteemed rivers and other destinations. Find nearby launch sites and read trip reports from your fellow Hoosier paddlers!

  • White River
  • Tippecanoe River
  • Turkey Run State Park/Sugar Creek
  • Blue River
  • Wabash River

Read on for guides to planning your own kayaking trip to Indiana, seeking out an outfitted trip, connecting with other Indiana paddlers, and many other resources!

Plan a Canoeing Trip to Indiana

Over the years, many of our paddlers have paddled throughout Indiana and were so generous to share their paddling experiences with us in a community trip report. Read a few examples of Indiana community trip reports or view all Indiana community trips below:

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Articles About Indiana Paddling

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Connect With Canoers In Indiana

Looking to connect with other paddlers in Indiana? Below are some resources to help get you started:

Other Resources

Indiana is home to 21 well maintained water trails; complete with launches, parks and campsites. Indiana awaits you to explore what it has to offer!

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