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Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards of 2020

Browsing through all of the inflatable paddle boards options in 2020 can feel like a part-time job. Fortunately, the largest paddlesports community has been doing research, testing, and reviewing products since 1998, so we've got you covered. Below are the 10 best inflatable paddle boards of 2020:

10' Inflatable by Xterra Boards

Designed with convenience, durability and functionality in mind, XTERRA Boards are a step above the competition. With dimensions that measure 10' long, 6" thick, and 30" wide, the inflatable SUP will ensure stability and rigidity for smooth sailing. Included in the SUP Package is a high-pressure pump and gauge, heavy-duty mesh backpack for the board, repair kit, paddle and removable center fin. Learn more in the Gear Guide, directly from Xterra, or on Amazon.

10' Inflatable Specs:

Weight:29 lbs.
Board Width:30"
Board Thickness:6"

10'6" Ride MSL by Red Paddle Co.

If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co board, the Ride 10’6” is the one to get – it’s certainly a contestant for the world’s most popular inflatable SUP but continues to win numerous SUP industry and consumer awards. Its success is due to the unrivaled quality, durability and innovation of all Red Paddle Co boards, but also the versatility of the Ride 10’6″ Inflatable SUP. It’s designed to float and glide easily on flat water, and it has just the right amount of curve in the plan shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are. And it’s 4.7” thick, which increases stiffness while not affecting ride and performance. Learn more in the Gear Guide or directly from Red Paddle Co.

10'6 Ride MSL Specs:

Weight:20 lbs.
Board Width:32"
Board Thickness:4.7"

Airhead SUP Napali by Airhead SUP

The Airhead SUP Napali boasts extra rugged drop stitch construction which allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. When you're out on the water, Napali is rigid and will perform like a fiberglass board. Feel like sitting down? Install the seat in seconds and paddle kayak style. For convenience and portability, a backpack with mesh panels is included for stowing and carrying the SUP and all accessories. Learn more in the Gear Guide.

Airhead SUP Napali Specs:

Board Width30"
Board Thickness6"

10'8" Ride MSL by Red Paddle Co.

Larger riders should look for a board with more stability, which is where the 10’8” Ride comes in. It has all the same qualities as the 9’8” and the 10’6” Ride Boards, but it’s two inches wider at 34” and has an extra 56 liters of volume, creating a more stable ride. It’s also 4.7” thick, which means you get greater stiffness at lower pressure. In fact, it’s more than 40 per cent stiffer than a standard 4” board at the same pressure. The rounded tail makes the board really maneuverable when you get your weight back and can be a great way to have your first SUP surfing experience. You can easily take a small passenger on board, which is why it’s a hit with family paddlers and those with furry friends. Or with the 6 point cargo tie-down system you can easily carry a whole heap of gear with you. Learn more in the Gear Guide or directly from Red Paddle Co.

10'8" Ride MSL Specs:

Weight21 lbs.
Board Width34"
Board Thickness4.7"

SUP AIR 10'6" Performer by BIC Sport

The 10’6 Performer AIR complete package is the ultimate all-water board for both flat-water cruising with family and friends as well as surfing ocean waves. The 10’6 works great for novice riders up to 200lbs. The unique SUP AIR construction technology features a dual layer stringer and side rails for rigidity combined with rugged drop-stitch panels to reduce weight without sacrificing durability. This complete package includes rigid inflatable board, adjustable paddle, safety ankle leash, backpack, high-pressure pump with gauge, repair kit, deck bungee for gear storage, carry handles at center, nose and tail, tie down o-rings at nose and tail, “yoga-mat” style traction pad for comfort and grip.

SUP AIR 10'6" Performer Specs:

Weight23 lbs.
Board Width33"

Performer 11' 2020 by Body Glove

This board is adventure-ready and crafted to meet the needs of paddlers of all levels. The multipurpose design is ideal for families, adventure seekers, fishing enthusiasts and on-water yogis. The convenient package simply rolls up into a backpack for storage. The upgraded 2020 package continues to deliver superior performance with new features to offer, including an even more stable platform and improved tracking for an easier paddling experience. Learn more in the Gear Guide, direct from Body Glove, or on Amazon.

Performer 11' 2020 Specs:

Weight24 lbs.
Board Width34"

12'6" SHUBU Raven by Boardworks

The Shubu Raven was designed as the ultimate touring and expedition inflatable, for longer distance paddling and open water conditions. The inflatable touring board is well designed for holding gear with multiple secure points, it can inflate up to 22PSI to improve its performance. Learn more in the Gear Guide.

12'6" SHUBU Raven Specs:



Board Width30"
Board Thickness6"

NeedleNose™ 126 iSUP by Sea Eagle Inflatables

Unparalleled tracking. Sea Eagle's NeedleNose 126 offers an even larger stable platform with increased flotation, rigidity and even more stability. Larger than its little sister the NN116 but smaller than its big brother the NN14 - the NN126 puts you right smack in the middle. So you get the best of both worlds. Some breakthrough design features include straight-line hull, patented wave piercing bow, touring shape, new full length electric pattern diamond deck pad, custom performance kick tail and the ability to paddle faster, further and easier! At 6" thick there's no need to worry about rigidity or flotation any more! Sitting or standing on the NN126 does it all! Learn more in the Gear Guide or direct from Sea Eagle.

NeedleNose™ 126 iSUP Specs:

Weight26 lbs.
Board Width30"
Board Thickness6"

Adventure 10'6" by Hobie

Perfect for families or travelers on the go, and can be ready to paddle in a matter of minutes. The Adventure boasts a versatile and stable design making getting on the water easy, fun, and portable. Pack it up and get out there! Learn more in the Gear Guide or direct from Hobie.

Adventure 10'6" Specs:

Weight28 lbs.
Board Width32"

9'8" Ride MSL by Red Paddle Co.

The smallest of the Ride family is the 9’8” Ride, an inflatable SUP designed for all-round usage for lighter riders. You’ll get the best out of it if you’re under 70kg/155lb, but that doesn’t exclude heavier riders. In fact, for heavier riders, the 9’8” makes a great surf shape. Key to the 9’8″ Ride’s versatility are its dimensions. It’s 787mm/31” wide and 100mm/3.93” thick, which makes it a stable but maneuverable board. It’s a great board for beginners, but because it’s been stiffened with RSS battens, it delivers a fantastic experience for more advanced riders, too. The 9’8” Ride also has a six point cargo tie-down system to carry bags and clothing on longer journeys. As an inflatable board it also packs down into our all terrain backpack making it easy to transport and store.

9'8" Ride MSL Specs:

Weight18 lbs.
Board Width31"
Board Thickness3.93"

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