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Paddle & FISHnPOLE Leash Combo Pack

Product Description

One fishing pole leash and one paddle leash is the perfect leash kit for the minimalist paddle sport angler with only one fishing pole on board. The bungee and poly rope design are a perfect light weight solution to lost rods and paddles. The boat-side of the .7 ounce, 40 inch FISHnPOLE leash quickly connects to a pad eye or accessible seat strap with a loop through design. The connection to the fishing pole is through the use of the ultra light, but ultra strong poly rope loop that is seated on the saddle of the reel. Then connect the 360 swivel hook to the reel rope. Catch the fish, we will catch the pole.  

Product Specifications

  • Material Description:

    3/16" nylon bungee and nylon braided poly rope

Product Features

Additional Attributes

  • Nonabsorbent
  • Half ounce, 40” paddle leash with a 32" nylon braided fishing pole leash
  • Made from 3/16” nylon bungee
  • 360 Swivel Hook and ultra light poly rope strap included
  • Instructions included

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Fishing & Hunting, Kayak Fishing
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing, Kayak Fishing

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Paddle & FISHnPOLE Leash Combo Pack

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