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YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys

by  YakGear

YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys Description

The Deluxe Anchor Trolley will help keep your boat in place while fishing in the anchored position. Allows deployment of any anchor, drift chute, or stake out pole before judging the current and wind while still remaining in a favorable fishing position. Mounted just off of one gunwale, the deluxe trolley kit uses a nylon pulley system to select a desirable position, and maintains the position through the use of a 2-5/16 inch mini zig zag cleat. The mounted pulleys are raised off of the boat enough to eliminate any unnecessary rubbing or scratching of the boat. Comes with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from Yak Gear.

YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys Reviews


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YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Nylon pulley system and stainless steel installation hardware

Additional Attributes

  • Deluxe anchor trolley system with Harken pulleys
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn in to the current for a smoother experience
  • Mini zig zag cleat included to maintain stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
  • Kit also includes 30' of rope
  • Water proof silicone and anchor recommended, but not included

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YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys Reviews

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Overall an excellent kit,…

Submitted by: nickweissmusic on 8/27/2016

Overall an excellent kit, I've installed 1 on each of my kayaks, and am going to put one on the other side of the yak I use most at some point in the future, why limit the angles i can fish based on one side of the yak? The video is way more helpful than the instructions, but there is an issue with both. The last kit I had did not come with any pop rivets, rather, just more self tapping screws and screw protectors for one of the components. Had to figure that out for myself as the instructions and videos all had pop rivets, I'm sure many would think they got a mis-packed kit, I thought I did for quite a while, was ready to pack it up to return it when I figured it out. At least all the stuff is good, and they really do work well, I won't hesitate to buy it again, it will be faster now that I know what to expect


Great accessory when…

Submitted by: aaelliott on 11/25/2015

Great accessory when fishing.You can angle yourself where you want to cast. I put one in my sot. Be careful how you angle the eyelets when installing to reduce sagging


This relatively simple pulley…

Submitted by: dickvipp on 7/3/2015

This relatively simple pulley system is a must for anchor control when fishing from a fishing kayak. I must admit that I was a bit queasy when I first started drilling holes in my new Jackson Kayak Cuda 12, but after thinking about my typical fishing situations and devising a quick disconnect float strategy for river fishing, the actual installation was simple and almost anti-climactic.

It worked great from the very beginning. My only question now is whether I will install another system on the other side of the boat.