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Pungo 120 Ultralite

  • 12' Length
  • 29" Width
  • 40 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,299 MSRP

Pungo 120 Ultralite Description

The Pungo 120 Ultralite is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Pungo 120 Ultralite reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Wilderness Systems
Pungo 120 Ultralite Reviews

Read reviews for the Pungo 120 Ultralite by Wilderness Systems as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This WAS a good boat....

This WAS a good boat. Light for it's size, tracked well, fairly quick. After about 18 months(in May of 2019) the thermoplastic began to crack around the carry handles, eventually breaking so that now there is but a hole in the deck where the handles once attached. The boat was under a 3-year warranty, which stated simply that Wilderness would repair or replace the boat for defects, at their option. Since they don't make the boat anymore and they couldn't repair it, I expected a credit for the purchase price at my dealer so that I could purchase an equal boat. After 3 months they finally offered just under 1/2 of the purchase price as a credit. This is deficient. I am thoroughly dissatisfied, will never purchase another wilderness systems product, and cannot recommend the company to anyone. My recommendation is, buy your boat from a company that stands behind it's product.

Wonderful boat! I also...

Wonderful boat! I also have a Pungo Duralite 120, which I like better because it is more durable. (Softer material) I understand they are not making the light versions anymore - hate to see them go, they are both boats I can load on top of my car by myself if I need to.

I have had this kayak for...

I have had this kayak for 10 years now. I use it several times a year on both small lakes, larger lakes, and rivers from class1 to classIII. It has held up very well. It has a very comfortable seat that is adjustable in so many way to make for a comfortable paddle. The rec opening allows for a sit-in style with a larger opening. I also have the cockpit cover and a skirt for the opening. The only thing that I have had to fix in 10 years is that my hatch cover blew off while driving on the highway once. My fault. I replaced the hatch cover and then added criss-cross bungees across the hatch cover to ensure it stays closed and on the hatch. There isn't much bungee to this kayak, so adding some more is a benefit.

Great boat for paddling on...

Great boat for paddling on the Susquehanna River. Light and rigid, though not as forgiving on rocks. I would not take when river is low. I can carry by myself and load on top a a car.

A beautifully made kayak...

A beautifully made kayak thats a pleasure to use

We purchased our Pungo's...

We purchased our Pungo's last year after renting for years. We enjoy this one we looked at many and tried many prior to purchase. The seat is very comfortable, and the removable dash system is great to store gear to keep dry and secure. It tracks well in rivers, flat, Class I & II, have not taken it beyond.

Absolutely love the Pungo...

Absolutely love the Pungo 120! This is my 3rd year now paddling down the St Croix River in the upper midwest region with it. The Pungo has held up amazingly well! Did I mention "river"? All us avid river yakers know far too well the obstacles at times on those rivers. A well constructed solid kyak is crucial, that's why I chose the Pungo 120!

I purchased the...

I purchased the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Ultralight and have been using it for a few weeks(at least 15 outings). It is being used on a lake that only has waves if the winds are high. Smooth paddling. I use a Carbon Fiber paddle.

There is a major problem with the boat. From carrying it from my vehicle to the water (short distance approx.30 yards) the flexible cloth handles at the bow and stern which are screwed down into the boat are causing the boat to split/crack under all four screws. The splits are getting progressively worse as I use the boat. I am in contact with the store I purchased it at and waiting to hear from the manufacturer to come up with a solution. Evidently I'm not the only one this has happened too.

Not as important but after the third or fourth outing the letters from the Logo started to fall off. I was supposed to receive new ones but they still have not arrived 1 1/2 months later.

A concern I have but have not yet addressed is the softer plastic might not be as sturdy to climb up onto if over turned in the lake. Seems a little flimsy. I will cross that road when I come to it. I need to practice my re-entry so we shall see what happens.

Otherwise, the boat is wonderful. It glides and tracks nicely through the waters. Its pretty well balanced for the V Chine hull that is has. The seat comes with a few adjustments for good back support. Although if you put too much pressure on the top of the back it can get caught under the back of the cockpit. The bottom pad of the seat has already compressed down. I'm sure after awhile I will probably have to put a pad on top of the seat. The boat is lightweight which makes it easy to load into my vehicle. The large cockpit is nice and roomy but if you where to flip over it could fill up quickly with water because of the large opening.

I also purchased the WS Console for storing small items like my keys, point & shoot camera and my water bottle. Really no other place to put things right in front of you unless you don't mind them just being on the floor of the kayak getting splashed on. Or stashed away in the hatch.

The hatch is a nice feature and the hinged hard top is handy rather than the flimsy rubber ones. It does keep things dry but I have a feeling after awhile the o ring might fail. (Weather here is very hot and is harsh on things like that).

Once the cracking problem is resolved I will be more than satisfied with this boat. I do think that these problems should have been worked out ahead of time especially since such a high price tag is on this boat. $1249 + $79 for the console. My decision in purchasing this kayak was partially based on the Wilderness Systems name and being known for their quality products. I do not feel they lived up to there name in this boat.

My wife and I just got...

My wife and I just got into kayaking. We are in our early 60's and want to do this for a long time, so boat weight was important to us. There are not too many options out there for boats lighter than typical poly, but still relatively affordable. When we tried a few out the Pungo Ultralight was at the bottom of our list, but as soon as we tried one we realized what a great boat it is.

There are obviously compromises made in a 12' rec kayak, but I really think that Wilderness Systems has produced a very good design here - as also evidenced by the Pungo's popularity and longevity.

Anyway, to our surprise (as I'm 6'0" and she is 5'0") we both came home with two identical Pungo 120s. They are quite easy to lift on top of our SUV, track well in the water, maneuver well and are responsive and relatively quick for a smallish boat.

So far we've only been out in them a few times, but we are looking forward to a new hobby that we can hopefully do well into our 70's.

I have read all the...

I have read all the reviews and did not see the reason I bought the boat so here goes.

Initial stability - excellent
Secondary stability - excellent
Ocean ability - limited to shore line cruising
River - Don't know
Lakes - I would not cross a four mile stretch of open water, but that is me.
Boats - 14' Vision Composite; 16'+ Double Vision composite; 16' Swift Saranac; My wife has a 12' Vision composite

Now for my purchase decision.
We have a 63 pound labrador mix that loves to go with us, previously the only way we could do this was for me to take the Double Vision (tandem kayak) with the dog in the bow seat and me in stern. Heavy - cumbersome and although easy enough paddle in smooth conditions a little tough in wind. Lots of research etc and came to the Wilderness Systems 12' Ultralite.

Great tracking very stable easy to paddle, our dog lies in between my feet up towards where the cockpit ends in front and rests her head on the top deck where I've placed foam pipe insulation for comfort. She can shift positions, get up to stretch etc with no stability issues.

Not my favorite boat, but the best boat I could find to take a big dog for a paddle. I did buy floatation bags for the bow area.

I just bought a Pungo 12...

I just bought a Pungo 12 Ultralite to replace an Old Town Otter 138T that performed well but was too heavy for me. On my maiden voyage, I paddled on a windy day from a relatively sheltered part of a big lake around the lee of an island and into 2 to 3 foot waves plus boat chop. I did not have the console because it did not come with the kayak so I was very concerned about taking in water. To my pleasant surprise, the waves washed over the deck but did not splash into the boat and I took in only about a cup of spray.

Otherwise the Pungo was very responsive and tracked and turned better than I expected, much better than the Otter. I'm 6' 215 lbs and it is so easy to get in and out of. The seat is so much more comfortable than the Otter and I love the 40 lb weight. I can easily get it in and out of the lake.
Overall, it does everything it promised and I highly recommend it.

We rented previously and...

We rented previously and finally decided to purchase. After paddling many brands and models we settled on the Pungo 120 Ultralite. For all of the water we paddle in the Northwest the Pungo serves our needs as a flat water boat. The new Ultralite material is basically a thermalform boat of acrylic and plastic. It is more expensive but saves 10lbs. or so off the rotomold boats. I like the big rear hatch for storing gear and the kayak console for storing little stuff. Since it does not have a front bulkhead I used the NRS bow flotation product.

Boat performance, tracking, and stability is great. There are faster boats out there my 12 year old sons Perception Tribute 12 is faster since it is a narrower boat with a soft chine. But for comfort, easy cruising, and a lot of fun you cannot beat the Pungo series.

Bought two Pungo Ultra...

Bought two Pungo Ultra Lights after renting tandems for several years. We love them !!! Paddle in lakes and coastal backwaters. They are very stable, even in wind and currents. We are in our 60s and can't be on the water enough. The seats are great but I agree the foot pedals could be a little bigger. But nothing is perfect but these boats come close.

I rented a Pungo...

I rented a Pungo Ultralight and used it in a calm lake. I was really impressed with the light, sturdy struction and the innovative hull design. The Pungo tracked rather straight and was easy to turn. The light weight and sleek V design allows it to get up to speed quickly and maintain that speed easily. The small hatch to keep items dry was handy. The phase 3 seat is superb, best kayak seat I've used! This one's a winner. Why not a 10? Well, it did seem to track slightly to the left and the plastic seam down the middle has some sharp corners. I would still buy this kayak in a heartbeat.