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Mallard Reviews

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This yak may be old but it is…

Submitted by: paddler852030 on 8/14/2020
This yak may be old but it is still so much fun to paddle. It is like driving a 20 year old Toyota isn't pretty or fast but it's safe, reliable and steady. I've considered buying new but this old Mallard continues to get the job done.

To class 2 and beyond! This…

Submitted by: paddler436187 on 5/31/2018

To class 2 and beyond!

This yak is something else. She has cargo for an army while boasting a thick hull for a torpedo yet stable like a catamaran. My nephew wanted mine after learning in it but I couldn't part with it. We found him one on craigslist. Ended up being about $350... down from 400! A bit too much if you ask me.


If you happen across one of…

Submitted by: paddler235473 on 3/23/2014
If you happen across one of these used and you are new to kayaking, consider yourself lucky and buy it as long as its in decent shape. This boat built like a tank. I don't know how you could really damage it (other than outright stupidity). Stability is great in everything from flatwater to < class 3 rapids. I even learned how to efficiently cast a fly rod from mine (sitting down). From 3 hour trips to week long floats this boat is great. More cargo room than I know what to do with.

All in all I don't see myself being able to part with mine even though I have added other boats to the fleet. Also, the seat back rotates all the way back forming a smaller higher seat that seems to help a little for sightfishing.


My first kayak is a Mallard.…

Submitted by: paddler234143 on 7/18/2011
My first kayak is a Mallard. It has been thru thick and thin and comes out grinning. I simply cannot say enough good things about this kayak. It is very well built. Its hull is almost 3X as thick as the other yacks on the market. The stationary rudder in the back makes it track really nice.

I wish Wilderness Systems would still make this, and make it in a larger model say 14 or 16 foot. Only 2 complaints I have is
1) The seat could be more comfy.
and 2) Wilderness Systems stopped making it. Very good boat!


My Mallard: I bought it…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/8/2008
My Mallard: I bought it slightly used... Not for one seconds notice do I regret it.
The kayak fits my large frame of 225lbs. It holds all the gear for a two-night river fishing trip. It tracks and handles like a champ. I have tested it numerous times from the Hoosier Land to the Texas panhandle...I have plunged over many dams, and had to encounter unthinkable log jams. While others were left behind and wet... My Mallard and I have gone on.

Have had mine for several…

Submitted by: paddler231407 on 12/12/2005
Have had mine for several years. Rates an overall 10. The black seat gets *really hot* if you leave boat in the sun, but that's not a fault of the mfg. Heavier than most, but still light enough to be carried by one person for short distances.

I have had a demo mallard for…

Submitted by: paddler230994 on 3/20/2005
I have had a demo mallard for about six years now and love it. It is made of soft plastic and over the years is starting to show its age. I would love to buy another mallard that is made out of the newer material but have heard they are no longer in production.

I just love my Mallard. This…

Submitted by: cherie on 10/1/2004
I just love my Mallard. This is my third season and she looks as good as new. I have added a bungee along the gunnel for paddle storage and one on the stern deck. I find the seat quite comfy and there is loads of storage (almost too much). She's light enough to put up on my car with no help. I've taken it to the ocean many times but mostly use it for flat water. In wind and/or tidal waters I find the keel a big help. I understand the Mallard is no longer being manufactured. My opinion? - big mistake!

My first kayak was a Mallard…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 2/17/2004
My first kayak was a Mallard and I was very lucky to have found it first. I bought a matching pair on consignment from a dealer and now I judge every kayak by Mallard standards. note, they are all found wanting. The plastic is very thick and forgiving of everything I put it through. Never warps (and in Arizona that is important), can carry a ton of equipment plus the oversize cockpit easily holds my oversized friends. I did have to add bungie cords to the deck and add D-rings inside to hold my gear though the flat deck helps there. It does take more draft than many lighter boats but considering the advantages, I'd gladly sell my other kayaks for another Mallard.

I purchased a Mallard this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/20/2004
I purchased a Mallard this past summer after a lifetime of canoeing. So far it has been wonderful on all river and lake settings I have tried it on here in Montana. There is plenty of storage space and it easily ties down in the back of my pickup. It has been well worth the price and has turned me into a kayak addict.

I bought my mallard, mostly…

Submitted by: paddler230114 on 5/12/2003
I bought my mallard, mostly as a fishing boat, in the summer of 2002. I chose it for a number of reasons... First, it was cheap ($270 at Galyon's), but it also had a large cockpit, a flat front deck (which makes it easy to store gear), and wasn't too big. I've logged a lot of float time in this Yak since, and have been VERY pleased. The Mallard is quite stable, turns pretty well considering the keel in the back, and is fairly comfortable -- though the moulded seat isn't as cushy as the Phase III seats in other WS boats. I did move the seat back a couple of inches to accomodate my long legs, and haven't had any ballance problems as a result. Great Yak for the money!

After researching numerous…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/6/2003
After researching numerous kayaks, I decided to purchase the Mallard from Wilderness Systems. It is 10'2" in length, has a large cockpit to enter and exit from, maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds and the total kayak's weight is 50 pounds. The Mallard really fits my needs. I was able to store all my fishing gear and picnic food comfortably. Most of our padding was on lakes and slow moving streams and rivers. We also padded some of the coast of California and Oregon in all types of weather conditions. I rate the Mallard VERY GOOD on stability, tracking, comfort, construction and affordability. The Mallard is an excellent traditional recreational kayak which is great for beginners.