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Cape Hatteras

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Cape Hatteras Description

The Cape Hatteras is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Cape Hatteras reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Cape Hatteras Reviews

Read reviews for the Cape Hatteras by Wilderness Systems as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I own 6 kayaks, 4 of them...

I own 6 kayaks, 4 of them being wilderness systems. The 120 Pungo is the best boat out there, very good for flatwater with minor rapids or lake kayaking. They have a very comfortable seat and are very stable in the water and move swiftly through the water

I'm back again after my...

I'm back again after my first review which was 6 years ago. My son Woodrow (now a 12th grader) and three other teenagers took our 5 Cape Hats up and down the stretch of the Colorado River that runs 15 miles from Lake Powell's Glen Canyon Dam, to Lee's Ferry, Arizona (which is the beginning of the Grand Canyon)Deceptive? We just got back; it was incredible, even though it was our 3rd time to do this and we have to drive 600 miles to get there. The very same kayaks I wrote about 6 years ago were not only a pleasure to paddle, they were by far the coolest looking watercraft we saw, and we saw quite a few kayaks. They don't make them any more, but if you can get your hands on a used one, buy it. Deceptive? I'd take a Cape Hat anywhere. Thank you, WS!

My wife and I both...

My wife and I both purchased a Cape Hatteras each nearly 4 years ago as our first touring-type kayaks. I can honestly say we have yet to push these boats to their limits. We have found them to me acceptably manueverable, wonderfully stable, and very, very durable. The Cape Hatteras tracks very well and is reasonably fast. The boats ability to handle large loads is outstanding for a boat this size. I have since moved up to a fiberglass Seda Glider, but I have kept my Hatteras because it is still a great boat to paddle. My Wife loves her Hatteras and has no desire to buy anything else. A truly great all-around boat!!!

I have tried 8 of the...

I have tried 8 of the wilderness systems kayaks and really liked several enough that I bought them. This though was the absolute worst. Very unstable ride, way too much effort to have fun.

I give this kayak a 10 for...

I give this kayak a 10 for being what it is designed to be, which is a recreation/entry-level touring kayak. I use it for flatwater paddling on lakes as recreation. It's limitations (width, weight, primary/secondary stability, handling) are obvious, but are negligible to me because I do not do extended touring in conditions that demand these characteristics. However, I have had it out in wind gusting at 20-25 mph and have had little problem handling it. The biggest plus was the price. It was a barely-used demo model and I paid $299 since it is no longer in production. For those looking for a recreation kayak with a little oomph, this fits the bill at a great price.

Deceptive boat indeed, to...

Deceptive boat indeed, to those easily deceived. Caught a 22 inch German brown from mine in July . . .no problem. I'd buy another if mine were stolen. Love the boat.

The Hatteras does track...

The Hatteras does track well. Great boat if you never want to turn. Turns like a tank. Some-what tippy. Not a pleasent ride.

Extremely deceptive; this...

Extremely deceptive; this boat has the appearance and specifications of a larger version of the highly successful and excellent performing 'pungo'. It is in fact designed by Joe Walton but similarity ends there. It tracks fairly, maneuvers poorly, lacks acceptable primary, as well as secondary stability and easily becomes weather cocked in minimal seas. It obviously doesn't perform as intended, as Wilderness Systems quickly dropped support from the print catalog and from their web site. Additionally, it's frequently dealer discounted (priced to move), and is too often found in the used marketplace. Seems a waste of a great name.

Wilderness Systems is a great outfit, Joe Walton an excellent boat designer; kudos to them for pulling the problem quickly. Hopefully the 'Cape Hatteras' will reemerge in the future, redesigned anew.

I purchased a ruby Cape...

I purchased a ruby Cape Hatteras in early October, my first kayak. It is 15' 3" in length, 25.5" across the beam and 14" deep. It weighs 61 lbs. I ordered three more within two weeks for my wife and sons.

New at the sport, I wanted something that was stable and fast in the water that had good storage capacity. The initial stability is fine and the secondary stability is superb. The Manteo was my first choice until I read about the Hatteras, which is narrower by several inches and longer by two feet. It flies across open waters like a bird. I was first drawn to the Hatteras by its design, but the performance and storage capabilities (large front hatch opening and larger back hatch opening) also contribute to its overall worthiness.

The catalogue (WS) states that it takes a little more skill to maneuver than the Manteo, but on the other hand, my 6th grade son Woodrow has no trouble handling his new lava Hatteras and my 7th grade son Zack out-maneuvers us all in his rasta. I look forward to future camping trips and day excursion all across the southwest. Through a little luck and a lot of extensive research (internet & talking with dealers) I feel like I came up with perfect kayaks for our needs. The quality and workmanship on each boat leave nothing to be desired. We have lava, rasta, ruby/maize and ruby and consider them to be real beauties. I'd make the same choice again. Wonderful kayaks! Wonderful new window on the world.