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Pack-Tour M

Product Description

The Pack-Tour M is born of the versatile needs of pack raft paddlers. This 4-piece system easily breaks down to stow away when your pack raft is deflated and your journey finds you back on your feet. An adjustable shaft system allows for on the go length changes for the variety of conditions you'll face on the trail. The design and construction is light weight but durable. The Pack-Tour M is designed for those looking to paddle open water and tighter moving water streams and rivers. Although strong for its intended use, this is not a whitewater paddle. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight (min, max): 34.50, 34.50 oz
  • Length (min, max): 210.00, 225.00 cm
  • Blade Dimensions (L × W): 46.00 × 18.50 cm
  • Blade Surface Area: 615 cm²
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Composite
  • Material Description:

    Fitted joints held by stainless steel buttons

Product Features

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Touring
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking

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