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  • 16' Length
  • 40" Width
  • 55 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 2,699 MSRP

Kingfisher Description

The Kingfisher is a canoe brought to you by We-no-nah Canoe, Inc.. Read Kingfisher reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

We-no-nah Canoe, Inc.
Kingfisher Reviews

Read reviews for the Kingfisher by We-no-nah Canoe, Inc. as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I have had the Kingfisher...

I have had the Kingfisher 16 Tuf-weave® layup for almost 10 years. I use it for fishing and leisure paddling on small lakes and streams. At only 55 lbs. I can take the canoe on and off my car with ease. For fishing I can easily stand without even thinking that it may tip. I have even put an electric trolling motor on it and performs excellent. As for paddling, the gunwale is 38 inches and does catch the wind and is somewhat hard to keep in a straight line. With that said it is easy to compensate for the wind. I have some superficial scratches on the bottom from dragging it on gravel but over all hull construction it has been excellent.

For leisure paddling my wife and I love it. It is large enough to have provisions for a day or even an overnight excursion. I have soloed with the canoe by reverse seating from back to the front seat and with a little ballast arranging it works fine on a calm day. My wife loves paddling the canoe so much many times she will paddle as I stand up in front of the canoe and fish.

My wife and I love the canoe and give it a 10 out of 10 for our experiences with the canoe.

I purchased this as a work...

I purchased this as a work canoe. It has a huge capacity, is just light enough for easy handling, and paddles reasonably well for a very wide canoe. The primary stability is off the charts. I have no problem running a chainsaw while standing in the bow. There are not many canoes that can handle that. For my purposes it is superb.

I would give it a ten except that I believe there no perfect boats. It is very close, at least if you want what this canoe offers.

I own a Kingfisher in the...

I own a Kingfisher in the Kevlar Flex-Core layup. I feel this is the ultimate fishing canoe. Paddling it solo from the bow seat in reverse I can stand to fish when desired. Also holds plenty of gear for two. The Kevlar is a must for the construction,due to its width. It is a very comfortable boat to relax in. It is not the easiest canoe I have owned to paddle, yet its stability and volume offer a great day of fishing. I have landed 40" plus muskies out of this boat and never once felt I was in danger of capsizing. If you love to fish from a canoe and are not overly concerned about efficiency, this is your boat.

We purchased a Kingfisher...

We purchased a Kingfisher from a canoe/kayak specialty store in Austin, this being the recommended model from our knowledgeable saleperson. Our family tried it out last weekend on a river camping trip with another family and couldn't be more pleased with our purchase. We were loaded down with lots of camping and fishing gear and this canoe is easy to paddle and very stable. We never came close to tipping, even in fast water. For fishing, the stability is a huge bonus. This boat is wide, which allows for lots of room to carry gear. Since the Llano River is rocky in some areas, the Royalex did get some scuffs and minor scratches, but no harm done. Amoung our group, there were 4 canoes and we tried out the others and were glad we chose the We-no-noh Kingfisher, it was the best of all. This is a great all around canoe that is perfect for our needs while being lighweight and of very good quality. We are so pleased with our purchase, we are considering buying another We-no-nah so we won't have to borrow another canoe for our family of 5. Can't go wrong with this one unless you want to set speed records.

My family and I love our...

My family and I love our Kingfisher (royalex). Here's how we have used it with much fun and success:

  • single person fly fishing in a lake -- sitting and standing (takes reasonable balance)
  • lake trolling with three in the boat and two poles in the water (highly recommend c-clamp pole holders)
  • lake adventuring with two adults, two kids and a dog against a strong wind (the weight definitely helped us through this one as similar situation paddling solo was painful--it's the only reason I give this canoe a 9 vs. a 10)

    We load it right on to factory racks on our expedition. At 65 lbs and some additional fishing gear two adults can carry it 75-150 yards fairly easily--more than that and you start to feel the burn. It's fantastic for trolling, flyfishing and the only reason I am considering a motor is to get to the secret spots quicker.

    If you are going to solo and face a lot of wind often, I'd consider a different model.

  • I purchased a Kingfisher...

    I purchased a Kingfisher in UL Kevlar on June 1, 2005 in Inlet NY. My main use will be 2-4 day trips on lakes and rivers with some short to medium portages. Light weight, capacity, stability and seaworthiness were my main considerations. I also test paddled the Spirit II and The Adirondack. I have been canoeing and kayaking for 35+ years. The Kingfisher fit my needs to a tee. The day after we purchased it my wife and I spent a day fishing and paddling around Indian Lake in the Adirondacks. We were both impressed with its stability, and ease of paddling. We then went on a four day trip down the Bog River Flow to Low's Lake. We were carrying 600 lbs of people and gear. The boat paddled like a dream. It's not a racing boat but very easy to paddle, tracks well (better with a load) and was very maneuverable. We encountered 1.5-2 ft waves one day with no problem. If you want a super stable boat with good capacity and aren’t out to win any races this is the boat for you.

    I just purchased my...

    I just purchased my Kingfisher (Royalex) and so far I love it. It is a high quality canoe with all the right features for me. I am an avid fly fisherman so I was searching for something that I could stand up and cast. This canoe performed beautifully! The first time I stood I was amazed at the stability. I had an excitable dog with me but it didn't matter - rock solid. I also was looking for a canoe that I could solo most of the time, but available for tandem as well. I'm 6'1" 190lbs and it works for me. It’s a little awkward putting it on my truck canoe racks, but really not bad considering it is 16'. I put weight in the front and sat in the stern seat and it worked well. I was no speed demon, but I moved along nicely. The wind pushed me around a little but nothing major. It seemed par for the course for a canoe. If you are looking for a quality canoe and a solid platform for sporting type activities I would highly recommend this canoe.

    I paddle this canoe on...

    I paddle this canoe on local lakes for fishing and bird watching. I have the Kevlar Flex Core version. It is very stable and glides surprisingly well, despite its width. At 51 lbs it is quite manageable for my 14 year old son and I to get on top of my van and get to the lake. My only complaint so far after one season is that it does seem to get blown around in the wind. There is plenty of room for an ice chest and fishing tackle and any other gear you might need for a day trip or overnight.