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Big EZ Reviews

Read reviews for the Big EZ by Wave Sport as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I have been paddling for a...

I have been paddling for a little over 2 years now, and am running class three with a few class fours every now and then. I started with a Dagger Gradient creek boat, and thats what i learned in. Last year i was given a Dagger GTX from a friend who didnt want it, (as he always has to have the latest boat out there and money is no object for him) and have been using it for most all my runs. ( I am a river runner) I learned right away that hard chines on the boat makes poor secondary stability, and the stern is more grabby in eddy lines, but it made me a better kayaker. Late last summer, my friends persuaded me to demo a Big EZ, and i loved it. Mostly because i could do enders and bow stalls, something i could not do before in either one of my old boats. I was upside down alot on the river that day, but thats because i really pushed it, trying to see what the boat would do. Then last week i finally broke down and bought a new one. I took it out over the weekend, but didnt push it too much as the weather was colder, and the water even colder. But i noticed how easy the boat carves, and turns. Most of the reviews i have read, trash the boat on its speed. I totally disagree. No, its not the fastest boat on flat water, but its not as bad as some say. A word to the wise for new boaters: The stern is almost always under or at the water level, causing it to be more grabby on eddy lines. But this is a great boat for intermediate boaters.

This boat is awesome for...

This boat is awesome for river running & some play boating. If ur doing class 1-3 rapids this boat is great. I have used a bunch of different boats & this one is really good.

I finally bought a spud...

I finally bought a spud boat. My last kayak was (is) a >10 ft long AQ2 and I am just getting back into paddling whitewater so this is quite a change. I did have an opportunity to demo several other playboats however so I do have some frame of comparison. The Big EZ outfitting is, I think, quite good and the boat is very comfortable. Compared to my "old school" kayak, this boat is of course ridiculously easy to turn and it wave surfs very easily without any worries about "pearling" the bow (because the bow ain't there). It feels very stable side surfing holes. I haven't tried enders as yet and I can't comment on rodeo moves like cartwheels or blunts because I don't know how to do them. I'm starting to work on stern squirts and my impression is that this boat will make them fairly easy. So what did I give up? SPEED, and effortless rolling ability. Although the boat does roll OK it definitely is less forgiving of a hurried or poor-form roll than my old boat. It also won't hold a line in current as easily but its incredible turning ability makes it easy to get back on line quickly. What this means is that you have to be a little more alert to maintaining your line in this type of boat rather than just "going with the flow". I think I will keep my AQ2 for now for running heavier water but I certainly see the potential in this boat. I don't think I'm going to be paddling it much on flatwater, though.

I converted mine to C-1. ...

I converted mine to C-1. I did the Team ETC. conversion. It is a great playboat. It needs a steep wave to surf. Spins are easy on a fast wave. Stern squirts are effortless on both sides. I can squirt to my onside without an initiation stroke. It rolls extremely easily. Bow stalls are easy, just paddle foreward & rock your weight towards the bow to make it stand up. The 'yakers can't do this for some reason.

It is horribly slow. I would not personally take this boat down anything real technical as the lack of speed prevents me from making some of the moves that I need to. If someone is swimming, they are better off without your help, they can swim faster than you can pull 'em. It enders easy enough, but it just doesn't pop up in the air like my Cascade or Probe do. This was disapointing, but I guess it's caused by the lack of volume.

The boat is stable enough to allow an 8" pedestal & the cockpit opening gives plenty of room for big thighs. What was pleasantly suprising was that I was able to use an off the rack skirt.

I just used my Big EZ this...

I just used my Big EZ this weekend for the first time. I am so impressed with how it does everything so easy and well. It is very loose and just by turning your head, can turn the boat. It carves really well. Its my first summer of boating and have been learning on an old Perception Dancer. I got in the Big EZ and rolled it 10 times in a row. I am 6'0" and weight about 165. Its very forgiving and would recommend it to anyone, even beginners for confidence, and a "do all" boat.

BEST BOAT EVER!! I have...

BEST BOAT EVER!! I have been paddling the big EZ all summer and I think it rocks. The boat is so small that you can shred up the shallowest play holes! This boat also makes learning new moves a piece of cake. For the paddler who likes to tear up the play holes and run big water but can't find a boat, search no more. The big EZ is slicy enough and short enough to kick ass at any play spot, but also has tons of volume, which is crucial in river running. So anyone who's reading this...if you haven't tried the big EZ then you are depriving yourself of the quality, control, and versatility that this boat has to offer. And if you have tried this boat, then you know what I'm talking about...and chances are, I like to think, that you have made a fine choice and purchased the big EZ! I think its clear to you now how much I love this boat. And once again...IT ROCKS!!

I just got to paddle this...

I just got to paddle this kayak, and it is great! This years crop of kayaks are outstanding and it will be hard to pick which one is right for you. The Big EZ went vertical for me faster than any other kayak I have owned; but I am a bigger paddler also. The kayak transitioned from front to back surfing with ease, no catchy edges or snags. It felt comfortable with the minimum padding for me.(6', 205lbs, 11eee) Again, find the kayak that fits your size better. I complained about all of the companies coming out with kayaks so fast you could not keep up with them; but you have a greater selection of kayaks out now than have ever been out. They did a great job on the Big EZ for bigger guys. IF you have a shallow hole to play in this is a great kayak to have. Where larger kayaks bottom out the Big EZ does not.

New for 2001 Wave Sport...

New for 2001 Wave Sport has introduced the Big EZ. The larger version of the also new EZ. I have been paddling the Big EZ in a pool for about a month just working on strokes and rolling in preparation for the new season. Last week was my first chance to get the boat out on some moving water.

A note for Beginners. DON'T BUY THIS BOAT. As with most new designs coming out of the whitewater market, the new designs cater mostly to the advanced boaters and those with great control in the hole. If you are an intermediate or expert whitewater boater you will love the boat for it's namesake. It makes those advanced moves very easy.

The draw back is that with a beginner it will toss them around too much. Wave Sport gives this boat a 4 out of 5 star rating for my weight class in river running ability and I believe that's a bit too high. In the rapids this boat is great, but if there is any amount of flatwater at all between your playspots, this boat is a chore to paddle.

It's also very small. They advertize it as being for bigger boaters but I'm only 5'6" and I have a hard time fitting my feet into the end of this boat. Don't even think about wearing paddling shoes. A rodeo sock will have to do.

The one great new feature in all of Wave Sports new 2001 boats is the F.A.T. system. This custom fit system allows you to leave the shop with a custom fit boat without having to clue pads in all over the place. Being what I consider to be a shorter boater myself, I always run into problems with the "Thigh" pads. For me they end up being "Knee" pads because my legs are too short. With the adjustability on the new boats with the F.A.T. system I actually have greater control because the pads actually can be adjusted back to fit on my thighs. THANK YOU WAVE SPORT.

By the way, it looks like this feature will be showing up on some other manufacterers boats for next season. I believe I saw a Perception Prototype with it.

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