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The Griffin LT is a kayak brought to you by Walrus Kayaks. Read Griffin LT reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Griffin LT Reviews

Read reviews for the Griffin LT by Walrus Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I am posting my 3rd review...

I am posting my 3rd review of the Walrus Griffin Lt after more than a year and a half of extensive use. Because this kayak has proven so durable and well built along with performing so well I am raising my rating to a solid 10.

The Griffin Lt is at home in every condition I have thrown at it including winter conditions where water was freezing on my deck. In the previous 2 reviews I underestimated the efficiency of this boat also. It feels almost as fast as my Epic V10 sport and takes little energy to remain at a very respectable cruising speed. I would bet it is faster than any other sub 14' boat currently in production. Carving a sharp turn with a simple lean still remains a pleasure and I can not believe the craftsmanship in this boats production.

My only wish is that Walrus would build a 16' or so kayak with a narrow beam somewhere around 20" for the serious fitness paddler. Keep up the good work Walrus.

My local outfitter picked...

My local outfitter picked up a couple of Griffins this spring and let me demo them and take out tour groups. It wasn't until reading the other reviews here that I ever thought of them as recreational kayaks. These are narrow, fast boats that fit my 6'2" 170lb frame easily with nice contact at the thigh and foot braces. I paddled both with and without a retractable skeg. Neither boat demonstrated any weather-cocking in 15 knot winds. I was able to roll both setups easily, doing laybacks and forward finishing rolls like it was a Greenlander, and this was the first non-Greenland boat I was able to balance-brace. The length of these boats meant I was able to turn them on a dime with sweep-strokes and a little edging. Really cranking the boat up on edge, I was able to put this boat through 270 degrees of turn with a little speed and a bow-rudder up past my toes. Once I finish establishing my Greenland fleet, a Walrus is almost certainly going to join them. Until then, I will continue to borrow the boat from my local outfitter.

This is an update after a...

This is an update after a summer full of paddling the Griffin LT between 4 and 6 times a week. Like the previous reviewer stated I too like to keep mine on my car because it is so easy to transport around and get in and out of the water. Everything I said before stands with even more positive feelings towards this small craft. I don't have a rudder or skeg and the LT handles marvelously with simple leans and corrective strokes. Most importantly though is the fun factor. This is by far and away the most fun I have had in a recreational kayak. Now if Walrus would just make a narrower and longer lightweight I'd be in heaven.
Good job Walrus.

The Griffin LT surprised...

The Griffin LT surprised me with its combination of long boat performance and little boat handling. It's light and easy to turn but still quick in a straight line. I got mine with a rudder and now realize I should have gone with the foot peg upgrade. The deck is already pretty low for my size 12 feet and the normal foot pegs are a little clunky when I have boots on. Other than that, the little Griffin is great. Mine lives on my car so that it's ready any time I have an hour or two to sneak in a paddle.

I am a proud owner of a...

I am a proud owner of a Griffin LT which is probably the most fun kayak I have owned to date. While it is pricey for a recreational kayak the build quality and performance justify the cost in my opinion. Walrus as a company has been delightful to deal and work with. Mark is without doubt has got to be one of the top PR people that any company could wish for. From shipping to questions, Mark has been outstanding and polite.

As for the Griffin itself, it to is very pleasant and enjoyable to paddle. I weigh 185 lbs. and am 5' 11" so I am on the large end of the scale for the Griffin. Because of this the boat sits a bit lower in the water and is incredibly stable, just like a recreational craft should be. Compared to my Eddylines and Current Designs that I have had in the past, the Walrus is the most responsive and easiest to paddle. My LT weighs in about 5 pounds heavier than advertised but is still easy to car top. The Griffin sits low in the water so wind is not as big an issue as some other boats. The Griffin is a very wet paddle though and a spray skirt is a welcome addition.

One aspect that I appreciate about my Griffin is that it has a very shallow draft and I can get into and over very shallow areas of water. The Griffin has decent speed for it's short waterline and seems to glide well. I use an Epic Mid wing paddle with the Griffin and that seems to make for a very nice efficient fit. The deck on the LT is angled nicely and there are no problems with hitting any part of the deck no matter what type of stroke you have. My boat has no skeg nor rudder and sometimes I do miss not having a rudder but the Griffin responds well to input.

As for the good I would have to say: fairly light weight, very good looking, comfortable layout, and just plain fun to paddle. Don't forget the wonderful customer service.

The not so good: mine is a little heavy for being carbon. You won't win any races with the short waterline. Mine seems to scratch very easily even though I am very careful and baby it. You do get wet if there is a wind. Storage on the LT is limited, but this boat is not a tourer anyway. Quality is good but not in the league of lets say an Eddyline. The seam line tape is not very attractive.

All in all, if you are looking for a fun responsive kayak that just seems to do everything pretty well and you don't mind spending to get it I think just about everyone would paddle a Griffin LT and have a smile doing so