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Odyessy Reviews

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I love my Odyessy. I think…

Submitted by: paddler232223 on 8/1/2007
I love my Odyessy. I think it edges very nice, and I can do some serious lean turns in it. Very responsive boat. I have paddled this boat all summer, almost every day for the last 4 years. Have had some of the best times between the Adirondacks, and Green Mountains in my little beast. I agree with the other guy, if you're not in shape, or you don't ever kayak, don't matter what you ride. Your gonna feel it. My boat is perfect for my 130 lb athletic body. Very Fast! Can handle anything mother nature sends my way!

I just got a new Odyessy and…

Submitted by: paddler231653 on 10/5/2006
I just got a new Odyessy and am very pleased with its handling. I read some of the other reviews. One guy complained about his back hurting. That is typical of out-of-shape people sitting in any kayak. You need to do some sit-ups and maybe even stretch once or twice a week ;-)

I took the Odyessy out in some 3 - 4 foot wind chop along with 6 foot of swell. Stayed on track, very stable, and surfed some small waves. What a great little kayak.

I don't know of a kayak that I would keep 'stock.' I always make some adjustments. On this one I put some padding in to make a better knee/thigh brace. I took the seat back out and replaced with a back band. I may change the footpegs with another system, just checking on what would fit the best.

If you have some boat handling skills (know how to edge) then this 13'2" kayak loves to spin around on a dime. It tracks well in almost any conditions, and have some great secondary stability.

This is a sports car of a kayak, not to be confused with a recreational kayak. You need some boat skills, bracing, have good strokes, and be in reasonable shape to appreciate this kayak.


I think this is a great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2004
I think this is a great kayak, especially for the money. I have two of them now. Light enough my wife can lift it on top of my truck rack by herself. Takes the big water very well for its size, yet is still very maneuverable. My "sealed" bulkhead in back did leak some, but a little bit of silicone fixed that right away.

My only real complaint is that because oof porous material the boat is built of, it stains very easily. I grabbed mine by accident once with a greasy hand and the marks are apparently there to stay.

I don't want people to get steered in the wrong direction by the review that cal3san left here. This boat is specified on Walden's website as a "light touring" kayak, not a sea kayak. cal3san got what he deserved for buying a boat for the wrong purpose.

If you like paddling in fast rivers with tight turns, and also in open water, this boat is perfect do do both.


My wife got sick of borrowing…

Submitted by: paddler230605 on 6/7/2004
My wife got sick of borrowing her neighbors kayak so I bought her one for her birthday. I spent a lot of time reviewing them and talking to different store owners (EMS, L.L Bean, All outdoors) and I got a lot of good reviews about this kayak. I gave it to my wife and she spent three days with and gave me the great smile of approval. She said she loves it and that it beats all the other ones shes tried. It is a little more tough to get into then some kayaks, but then again this kayak was built for touring and not recreation. I too tried it and was impressed by how well it cut through the water compared to some of the others we had rented before. The cockpit was comfortable and didn't make my legs fall asleep like some do. No regrets with this kayak, only smile in the sun. I think you'll be impressed.

Bought an Odyessey July of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2004
Bought an Odyessey July of last year and regretted it. Should have gotten a hint when the "Walden Odyessy" decals came off the first time I washed it. The seat back was not comfortable and my back constantly ached for days after paddlig it Then the bulkhead leaked in 3 places. Also, for a boat billed as a sea kayak it was okay in calm seas but get it in 20-25 MPH seas with 2-3 feet waves and it was fight to keep it on track. It is now in the hands of a local youth kayaking club who stay in still waters and I got myself a real sea kayak.

I bought the Odyessy last…

Submitted by: Marlin on 4/14/2004
I bought the Odyessy last spring and only used it two times and sold it.Every time used it my back would hurt and I would lose feeling in my legs.The same thing happed to my son.A good kayak with a bad seat.I see this year the seats are differt.

I love the Odyssey, it flies…

Submitted by: paddler229957 on 10/7/2002
I love the Odyssey, it flies through the water. My husband and I both enjoy the light weight and exceptional performance.

My 11 year old daughter just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2002
My 11 year old daughter just got one of these. It was $575 with rudder, which was a deal, and her favorite of 6 or 7 she tried at a demo days and elsewhere. It's got a very flat bottom, and she is so light (maybe 100 lbs) that she can actually climb into it from the side after a swim. I tried it, and got water over the cockpit lip the first time I leaned hard and a torrent followed by a capsize the second. It seemed to happen in a big hurry. I'm too big for the boat; still, I wonder how stable this boat is once it starts leaning. She really liked the flatter feeling boats, having capsized in a Umiak her first time out. We tend to stay out of waves, so this may be the perfect boat for her. It's light, and really looks great on the water. Quality is unknown. The tape at the deck-hull joint is already coming off, and the seal around the rear bulkhead has obvious voids already.

I paddled a Vista for 2 years…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2002
I paddled a Vista for 2 years and I love it. This year Walden came out with the Odyessy. I bought the Expedition model with the rudder.It's a fantastic boat for the $$$. It tracks great, light weight (46lbs.), handles waves and wind, and has great lines. The cockpit is small, 23" wide, which might make it not suitable for larger paddlers. Weight limit is 225lbs. I am thrilled with the Odyessy.