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Easky 15 LV

Easky 15 LV Description

The Easky 15 LV is a kayak brought to you by Venture Kayaks. Read Easky 15 LV reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Easky 15 LV Reviews


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Easky 15 LV Reviews

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We've owned the Easky 15LV…

Submitted by: tommymc on 7/11/2016

We've owned the Easky 15LV for several years, and generally are very happy with it. We've paddled it on lakes, rivers and ocean bays. The feature I like most is the way the hull slices through the water with almost no bow wake. Very efficient, and gives a smoother ride in choppy water than other boats (like our Eddyline Journey) that tend to slap and splash on every wave.

The narrow beam and smallish cockpit make it feel tippy on entry and exit, but that's the trade-off for a sleek hull. The only time it's a problem is in the ocean surf where quick entry/exit must be made between breakers. The seat has a minimalist design with a folding band for a backrest, but it works and is reasonably comfortable. There is a small water bottle holder directly in front of the cockpit which is very convenient. It has a watertight cover so can be used for a cell phone, watch, wallet, etc.

The real wet dog in the design is the skeg. It's spring loaded with a thin elastic string in the skeg recess in the underside of the hull. This is connected to a string with a catch near the cockpit. On dry land with all components clean, the skeg operates correctly, but lazily. There is a lot of drag in the linkage, and not much pull from the elastic. In the water, when things get wet and gritty, the skeg sticks and the elastic doesn't have enough pull to operate it. I've tried tightening the elastic, but then it's too difficult to retract....the leverage is wrong. Luckily, the Easky handles well without the skeg.

Overall, this is a great all-round kayak except for the useless skeg.


Bought this boat 2 years ago…

Submitted by: slevie001 on 8/14/2013
Bought this boat 2 years ago to use on lakes and tidal rivers, and have been very happy. I am too light (135lb and 5'10") to easily handle the regular 15'. I love the handling of this boat - can edge it, turn it, handle powerboat wakes, etc. It does have weathercocking issues in wind, that are only partially overcome with the optional skeg. My husband, whose sense of balance is not as good as mine, and who is 180lb but the same height, finds it tippy, but my son, 5'3" 110lb finds it just fine.

The seat is comfortable for my usual 4-12 mile trips (with short bathroom breaks). The bow and stern compartments are not completely watertight, but only took on a little water even when I was in a rescue practice daylong class that involved deliberately falling out of the boat many times.

So secondary stability is good, but primary stability not quite as good as a heavier or wider boat, but it doesn't bother me at all.
This boat is not as easy to handle on twisty turny narrow rivers, where most people are using 10' boats.