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Selkie Reviews

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800 solo miles of Lake...

800 solo miles of Lake Superior north shoreline. I wish that I could have it back. Very good friend of mine.

I bought the Selkie from...

I bought the Selkie from my local kayaking club. The boat was still in pristine condition despite being built sometime in the late 80's - early 90's. It might be older than me.

I was used to fast boats, and the Selkie is a bit of an oddball considering how wide it is. Despite that, my cruising speed is not that much slower than it is in boats of comparable length. It's certainly fast enough to keep up with the rest of our group, but I should point out that most of our paddlers are double my age which makes a world of difference..

The Selkie shines when it comes to stability and turning. It's a great boat to help beginner groups get started, as I can lean over their boat without having to worry about getting wet myself. The fast turning speed and agility means I can get to people in trouble fast, as well as just keeping the group together like some aquatic German Sheppard dog.

The skeg is a bit wobbly, but I might have to take a look at it and repair it if needed. Without a skeg, it turns as fast as a slalom boat; with it, it tracks well in waves and wind.
I also really enjoy how easy it is to edge.