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Mallard Reviews

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I bought two Mallards after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2005
I bought two Mallards after paddling many years in various boats. I was surprised by the awesome tracking and maneuverability. Because of its low price, I wasn't afraid to rig it with all the amenities for fishing and adventure paddling. My other boats gather dust while I float in my Mallard that costs less than my paddle.

I bought a Mallard several…

Submitted by: paddler230980 on 3/8/2005
I bought a Mallard several years ago and really love it. My favorite thing to do is to stand up in it and paddle it like it is a gondola in Venice. It is that stable. It breaks my heart to have to sell it. The memories...the time my daughter had to help paddle it with a broken arm into a high wind...I could go that boat!

I have owned this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler230933 on 1/21/2005
I have owned this kayak for four years, had never been in a kayak before I bought it but had an apartment on a river, one day I was at a sporting goods store with my roommate and we decided to impulse buy kayaks. Set out in the river for our first times ever, at flood stage (we didn’t know that at the time) and had a real workout keeping up with the current. Second time out we were amid VERY large boats causing 2-4 foot swells, and our teeny boats proved to be great fun in these conditions. It is stable enough to dip the cockpits edge in the water and then pop right back up, extremely forgiving for a beginner. There is enough cargo space that we have camped out of our boats for a couple days.

After taking a paddling class…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/25/2004
After taking a paddling class I was ready to purchase a kayak. Tried an inflatable but was extremely disappointed. Found the Mallard at a sporting goods store and we loved it so much we bought two. We've paddled in lakes and down a small river to the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast. I'd recommend this boat to anyone interested in kayaking.

Just a comment or two about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/29/2003
Just a comment or two about the Trinity Bay Mallard that I purchased from a local dealer 3 years ago. What is most remarkable about it is its amazing tracking ability despite its small size (10' 2") and its incredible stability. After using it almost exclusively on a small local lake, I decided to try it out on the Detroit River. What I intended to do was to circumnavigate Peche Island just upriver of the City of Detroit...a distance of approx. 3 miles. On the first leg I encountered not only a stiff current of roughly 2-3 knots but a stiff head wind as well (17-20 knots). The boat handled the 2 to 5 foot waves experienced with little difficulty....I judged it to be very very seaworthy. Downwind...though the waves attempted to broach me on several occasions, the boat responded quickly to any paddle stroke that I elected to use to counter the effect of the waves.

I bought my T.B. Mallard used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2002
I bought my T.B. Mallard used this summer in which it is right at home on the Potomic River. This is also wear I demoed this boat in which I fell in love with the speed it tracked and its sturdyness while going up stream. Class 2&3 rapids are no problem for this boat. Also I took for a trip on Lake Michigan where it was met with 2 1/2 ft. swells and this boat just moved through the short choppy waves of Lake MI with ease. This boat is probably the best investment I have made and is a perfect first kayak for anyone because it grows along with you as your paddling experience increases.

This is great little kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2002
This is great little kayak for lakes and slow water. I haven't been out in whitewater with it so I can't comment on that. Great price, roomy, very stable. Tracks fairly well and is relatively fast for a short kayak. I use mine fishing and has plenty of room for all my gear. It is dryer than expected given the large cockpit. I've had it on Lake Michigan in 3-4 foot waves. Felt very secure as long as I was going into waves and riding with them (and I stayed close to shore). Has lots of room on the front and rear deck for strapping down gear.

For the money, it is hard to beat. You can find it on the Wilderness System website as Trinity Bay is owned by them.


After fishing out of just…

Submitted by: paddler229514 on 11/5/2001
After fishing out of just about everybody else's "fishing" kayaks I thought the pudgy little Mallard would be a farce. But... Not only does it have a very roomy cockpit and nice flat decks for gear storage, but it really handles some pretty tough water really well. I have fished from a Loon, The WS Pungo and the Walden Scout. The Mallard beats them all hands down. So easy to rig and again the cockpit is so roomy. The seat is very comfortable if you add a strap from side to side and around the back (that little toggle strap they use won't hold the back upright enough for me).

I have taken mine through class 3 rapids and the raised bow just pops up and stays up. I know it's not a whitewater boat but it sure handles the rought stuff. The Mallard is a funny looking little craft, but worth its weight in gold for play or fishing. I don't use my other, more expensive, kayaks any more.


This is a great little boat.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2001
This is a great little boat. It tracks well and turns on a dime. There are three drawbacks that I have noticed. 1. The hull warps very easy. If you stop to eat lunch, make sure the boat not in the sun or on an uneven surface. The hull will temporarily assume the shape of the object under it. (Even with a temporary dent in the middle the boat still handles well.) 2. The seat is comfortable but the backrest doesn't support. 3. If your planning on running in water less than 8 inches deep, forget it!. You will feel and drag on submerged objects that other kayaks float over. Dollar for dollar this boat is great. The stability makes up for any minor announce I can think of. No boat is perfect but this boat is very good. After 4 hours in the seat I found that this boat is no slower than any other boat in its class. No, it is not a thin touring boat, so your not going to set any speed records. But if your looking at a mallard your probably looking for a kayak that can be enjoyed by any age, or any skill level. , New or used it is relatively cheap and has a superb ride. This boat is great for all paddlers. Good for paddlers 100 to 240 lbs plus.

The Mallard is not fast, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2001
The Mallard is not fast, and the built-in skeg hangs on every rock in a shallow stream or river, but... it is the best fishing fishing platform you can buy. Very stable, quiet, lots of room and can be adapted for anchors, and underdeck storage hammocks very well. We have prepared a brochure on how we outfit ours for fishing.

10 reasons to buy a Mallard.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/16/2001
10 reasons to buy a Mallard. 1)Great Stability 2)Tracks great 3)Turns easily 4)great storage for a small yak 5)transports easily with small size 6)great for fishing 7)great on lakes 8)great on rivers 9)great looks 10)great price

I own a Mallard and it is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/25/2001
I own a Mallard and it is everything everyone has stated before. Great fun, fishing and exploring platform. There is a website. It is not too informative but it gives a thumbnail sketch of all their boats. If your just out for inexpensive fun, the Mallard is a great way to go!

Excellent water craft, tracks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2001
Excellent water craft, tracks well easy to maneuver and portable. Hooya!

First kayak I have owned.…

Submitted by: paddler229112 on 2/14/2001
First kayak I have owned. Excellent tracking, and I love the storage space behind the seat. I took it to the lake on a very windy, choppy day and was impressed by how dry the ride was. I gouged the hull and called Trinity Bay for repair advice. They sent me, free of charge, plastic welding repair rods and instructions. It was great service for a great kayak. I am now looking at the Venture model.

I am 9 years old...Terrific…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/11/2000
I am 9 years old...Terrific boat for fishing, nature watching, and day tripping...Stable, quiet, nimble, and reasonably priced...Am saving up for my next one (Marsh colored versus my current yellow)...My boats name (if I see you out on the water) is the "GOBI".

I have an outreach ministry…

Submitted by: paddler228788 on 7/30/2000
I have an outreach ministry for youths. We like adventure sports. For most of the guys it is there first exposure to doing things such as kayaking. We found this to be a very stable user friendly craft. I would also like to see a website for this outfit.

I'm a beginner and this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler228792 on 7/30/2000
I'm a beginner and this kayak seems to meet my needs. I've only had it out on Lake Michigan and was suprised how stable it is. When my pals were on Sea Doos trying to splash me over I had no problem staying up and in the boat. For the price (329) its the best way to get going in this great sport.

The Mallard is a really nice…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2000
The Mallard is a really nice boat. It doesn't have alot of amenities, no hatches, dry storage or bulkheads, but it's a simple and very stable design. Tracks very well with the built in skeg. Great platform for fishing and day use. I plan to do some trips with our two boats on the lower colorado river, class I and II and expect them to perform well. A real value, too!

This is one great Kayak. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/11/2000
This is one great Kayak. The price is good at 349. Just getting started. Easy to paddle. Plenty of storage behind seat for cooler and some gear. If you are just getting into Kayaks for the fun and some fishing this is the one. Don't buy until you try or at least look at a Mallard. I have a new Mad River Canoe and it stays on the rack unless the wife goes along. I am 55 and do love my Trinity Bay Mallard. One great boat.

The perfect platform for…

Submitted by: paddler228733 on 7/8/2000
The perfect platform for flyfishing. the "skeg" keeps her pointing where ya want her while drifting. The bass never see ya coming.

Great recreation kayak!…

Submitted by: paddler228713 on 7/6/2000
Great recreation kayak! Tracks well, stable, turns easy, plenty of room for me and storage. Slightly heavier than most for its size but I don't mind.

Sucks that there is no web…

Submitted by: paddler228642 on 5/31/2000
Sucks that there is no web site for Trinity Bay or any literature for that matter...however, this boat handles great on the River as well as on the Lake. Lots of storage, comfortable seat, roomy cockpit, lightweight, tracks well......Perfect for all my needs!

My first kayak. Only paddled…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/2000
My first kayak. Only paddled in the pool. Hope too take it out this week end. Plenty of room. Just the right weight. I think it will make a great fishing kayak also. Let you know later.

Stable, tracks well, love the…

Submitted by: paddler228567 on 4/26/2000
Stable, tracks well, love the built in skeg. The large cockpit makes it easy to get in and out, plenty of room for gear. This classic looking kayak, in my opion at 369 bucks is the best buy on the market.

Great little kayak from a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/24/2000
Great little kayak from a Wilderness Systems off-brand sold through discount stores. It's inexpensive, easily paddled, and has handled everything from Long Island Sound to mild whitewater.