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  • 14' 1" Length
  • 25.5" Width
  • 68 Weight (lbs)

Scupper 14 Description

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Scupper 14 Reviews

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So far so good. I...

So far so good.

I replaced an Old Town Dirigo Plus tandem kayak which was about a foot longer and 14 lbs heavier. My daughter didn't want to go kayaking anymore and the extra weight was a lot to lift onto my SUV. I also knew I wanted a sit on top kayak because my sit inside always concerned me a bit paddling on the SF Bay or coastal ocean areas.

Most of the sit on top options we either really short recreational kayaks which I knew would drive me nuts with their lack of tracking, or really slender ocean goers that might be less stable than I like. Then there are these other really wide and stable but extremely heavy types.

After some research I found that the Scupper design was modified by new owners Swell, and this kayak seemed to have everything I wanted. Lighter weight, stable, fast, and with room to bring cargo like a backpack (once waterproofed for transit).

Ordered one from the manufacturer and there was damage in shipping. They were extremely accommodating sending me a replacement immediately, and everything was good with that one.

The guys at Swell were also very responsive in offering me a suggestion for a rolling cart for their kayak design, and get a C Tug if you buy this kayak because it fits great into the front hatch, just as they suggested.

I've taken it out a few time in the bay and estuary near our home, and really enjoy it. It is indeed very stable, can get going plenty quick, glides easily when I'm not paddling very hard, and isn't too heavy to lift. I do struggle a bit dead lifting it into the new kayak rack I bought that takes the boat on its side on my SUV's roof, but that's the price of that rack not an issue with the kayak. Everything is very durable and well made. And I appreciated the areas on the either side the updated Scupper design cut off which make it less likely to bang your paddle against the side when paddling hard.

My only minor gripe is that the foot rests could be a little wider, and my feet in Tevas sort of bend around the edges of the foot rests. So I might jerry rig some sort of wider platforms.

I was in search of a fast...

I was in search of a fast SOT, checked online and the Swell scupper 14 came up. A month or so later I was at the paddle fest at Lake Sammamish and I was able to demo the Swell scupper 14. Right off this kayak handled like I was hoping. It felt and responded like a sit-in kayak, glides threw the water swiftly and can even bring it on edge for quick turns and riding waves. I was impressed so i bought it that day. The fallowing weekend I took it on a class II river and it performed excellent cruising threw the waves and traversing obstacles. I jumped off the yak to cool down and it was easy to climb back on. I've taken it out on the Puget Sound paddling 6+ miles and it is very comfortable and handles the rollers and chop great, it's becoming my "go to" boat. Getting ready to take it on a overnight camp trip. With the large front hatch well and the space behind the seat for a dry bag it shouldn't be a problem packing everything I need. Thanks Jim for being there that day. PADDLE ON! Ken ( Poulsbo Wa.)

I got my Swell Scupper a...

I got my Swell Scupper a couple of months ago. I waited to post my review until I had a chance to take it out multiple times. Previously my kayaks were an ocean kayak trident 13 and a 13 Necky vector.

I kayak on flat water so can only address how the Scupper handles boat wakes and wind swells, etc. I am impressed with the stability of this boat as it handles wakes with ease. It does weather cock in high wind, so I'm glad I got mine with a rudder.

I was concerned that the narrower width would be an issue as I am not a small person. Since I purchased online without being able to demo, I was concerned that my wide hips would not fit in the cockpit (I weigh 300 lbs and the diameter of my hips is 60" if you want to compare how you might fit.) There is no issue at all and the ride is very comfortable. I was also able to move to a shorter paddle due to the narrower width.

The boat maneuvers well and I have no problems turning quickly using a combination of a sweep stroke and bow rudder stroke. As others have said, the Scupper tracks well and glides through the water. It takes noticeably less power to start the boat moving, and less energy to keep it moving. In my Necky, I could maintain 3 miles an hour without tiring, but in the Scupper I can maintain 4 mph for long periods.

I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend this kayak.

My wife and i recently...

My wife and i recently bought 2 Scupper 14's after a lot of research. We had used many types of SitOnTops - through rentals; and had a 2 person Point 65 Modular Kayak previously. We were tired of kayaks that do not track well! We aren't hard core, but really enjoy exploring the rivers in NW Oregon.

The Scupper 14's track beautifully and are a joy to paddle! i can literally paddle 3x as far with the same effort as before as i no longer spend 80% of my effort trying to correct course. On the tandom we had, i seemed to spend all my time trying to keep the boar going in a straight line. Not so on these scuppers; they track arrow straight and go exactly where we want them to.

We have only used them in calm water as yet but the concerns about being a wet kayak do not apply to calm water whatsoever, we just keep the scupper valves up and leave them that way in calm water. My wife left them down on one trip and there was maybe 1/2 of water in the boat and after 3 hours paddling she got out completely dry still. We'll be taking them on rougher water next and i don't expect any issues at all.

The stability is good, better than i was expecting with the narrower boat (our point 65 was quite wide), and secondary stability is very good. But that narrowness itself is awesome, i'm 6`2", and would bang my knees and side of the boat with the paddle before; not so now, and i can stretch my legs out straight in this boat to relax even. Not banging my knees is a real plus, it was one of the few things that annoyed me padding before, not so now.

The storage on these SOT's is amazing as well, and even my wife's beach umbrella actually fits inside the boat as well!

The Service also was totally AWESOME. Jim Marsh spent time with us before we bought the boats via email, quickly answering all our questions, and after the sale CONTINUES to respond to questions immediately, i'm extremely happy with is direct support and his boats; i highly recommend them both!

Scupper 14 is the answer...

Scupper 14 is the answer of all my needs, stable , great acceleration , running waves is great lots of room, for all my camping gear , the. Scupper it's an eye catcher,,, I'm in the Caribbean so you know this kayak is on the water almost every week, definitely , they took time creating this kayak , is everything ready , if you are interested in fishing scuba , this kayak got fishing accessories and especially design to accommodate your scuba tank in the back . Great mashine . Definitely love this kayak , and proudly own one ..

AMAZING!!. ........ AFTER...


Best kayak I ever had!...

Best kayak I ever had! Size and weight are on point. I have used it in the ocean and rivers. It is very stable, easy to get in and out of, tracks great in wide and narrow areas and plenty of room for your kayak gear and other outdoor accessories. It is perfectly designed for all types of uses. Use it for recreational kayaking and fishing. I can get good speed with this kayak while it's design cuts right through the surface. I am very happy to have it and look forward to many more adventures.

I purchased two scupper...

I purchased two scupper 14s with the initial launch of the product. The scupper 14 is exactly what i was hoping it would be. The kayak is a fast, stable, and efficient sit on top with good capacity. I was looking at composites at three times the price when I was told about the swell kayaks new scupper 14 from a shop owner in cal. A shop owner in Hawaii lamented the the discontinuation of the scupper pro and we did discuss that the scupper 14 could be a replacement for an off-shore fishing kayak. I am able to paddle faster than either my OC Prower 13 or my OC Trident 15 or my Delta 12.10 sit-inside. The boat has great secondary stability. The initial stability is less than the other boats i mentioned above but this is easy to get used to and the narrower hull provides that performance that is not available in any other sit on top I have tried. The acceleration and glide is great. I easily out paced a friend in his Eddyiline Caribbean 12 which is about four inches wider and two feet shorter..As with any sit on top there is some water accumulation from paddle drip and the forward raised scuppers do allow some water to enter the cockpit when paddling into chop. Scupper plugs in these holes do alleviate this. These raised forward scuppers do prevent the cockpit from swamping so I would not have the plugs in in really rough conditions. Scupper valves in the foot wells allow all but a little over an inch of water to drain out with a venture effect while under way should a lot of water enter the cockpit. These valves stay closed under normal conditions. The boat seems to be very durable and has good attention to detail. I find that it works while trolling with the rod holder in the track in the front of the boat. It performs very well in a head wind. I does weather cock with the wind off the stern but so do most boats. I could install a rudder but i don't feel this is necessary. The boat does respond to edging while turning or tracking in a tail wind.Another important reason I purchased the Scupper 14 is that Swell kalyaks is a small company in Washington and Jim the owner has been very responsive to my question in spite of being very busy with the launch of this new company and kayak.In summary if you are looking for a fast, stable and efficeint all purpose sit on top you will be happy with this kayak.

I love this kayak! Having...

I love this kayak! Having owned 5 prior sit on top kayaks this is by far the best. It is very comfortable, fast, seaworthy and lighter than the competition. My prior favorite was the Scupper Pro TW but at5'10 and over 200 pounds the bucket was too tight especially with a wetsuit on. My other SoT boat is a composite surf ski so I was amazed how light and lively the Swell felt when on the water. Most plastic boats have a very sluggish feel. My last boat was a WS Tarpon 16 with rudder. The swell even though shorter is more responsive, has better glide, accelerates better and is faster. I really appreciate the way they tucked in the hull to allow for a comfortable and efficient stroke. No boat is perfect but my complaints are minor. The midship handles are better used as finger holds. If you wrap your hand around the handle the hull digs into your fingers. There is a sacrificial skid plate which is replaceable and prevents wear on the hull when dragging the boat. Because it concentrates all the weight on a small area it makes the boat hard to drag on sand or gravel. This is not a complaint because it is well worth the trade off but a caution because it gave a few friends the impression the swell was heavy when in fact it's 15 pounds lighter than their boats. My hull is a very early version and has the original scupper plugs. At times they would allow water to weep in. When I notice this it is easy enough to reach under the hull and push them flush while in the seat. Not sure if this is still an issue now that they have updated the scuppers but no big deal anyway.
Having owned over 20 paddle craft and currently owning 6 this has quickly become my go too boat! It is just low hassle fun so I strongly recommend it!