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Deluxe 2-Boat Free-Standing Rack

Deluxe 2-Boat Free-Standing Rack Description

The BEST way to store your boat is to suspend it on straps so there are NO PRESSURE POINTS, it never touches a hard surface! This 6-Boat Free-Standing Solution will cradle your boats with load-assist pivot arms. Keep your kayaks at the highest level of performance with proper storage. Stability built into this durable kayak storage rack. With a steel core and self-leveling feet, it won't topple even under the heaviest loads. Suspends boats on heavy duty, UV-resistant straps protecting boat from abrasions, dents and hull distortion. Load-assist pivot arms makes loading and unloading an easy one person job. Reinforced safety straps securely hold your boats in place. The rack adjusts to the width, depth and length of your boat for equal weight distribution. Saves storage space by placing boats on side and protects hulls at the same time.

Kit includes everything to store 6 kayaks, canoes and or SUPs:2 Floor Bases with leveling feet and anchoring hardware, 4 Posts, 12 Suspension Bars fully assembled with straps and hardware & 2 Back legs

Marine Grade BLACK for use in salt water environments is powder-coated steel with galvanized coating and stainless steel hardware. $449.95

Deluxe 2-Boat Free-Standing Rack Reviews


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Additional Attributes

  • Leveling feet and anchoring hardware are included
  • Sturdy steel-core construction with yellow powder coat for maximum durability and safety
  • Holds up to 100 lbs each boat and 34" wide each
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Assembled rack dimensions: Footprint: 48" x 48" per tower Height: 72" Deluxe Rack Arm Width: 22”

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Deluxe 2-Boat Free-Standing Rack Reviews

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Great product from nice…

Submitted by: mollynina on 9/2/2015
Great product from nice people. Not only does my free-standing rack hold our two kayaks outdoors during our NYC-area paddling season, but the arms get repurposed on Suspenz' wall-mount gizmo in our garage for winter storage; a great savings in floor space.
Add-in dealing with folks like Pam--friendly and knowledgeable--and you'll find you can't get a better storage product.

A great kayak storage…

Submitted by: paddler235612 on 6/24/2014
A great kayak storage solution! This works perfectly in my garage as I can easily roll the rack out if the garage and straight to the back of my truck for easy loading. The product is well designed and uses top quality materials! Oh, and the customer service I received from Pam was outstanding!

I recently risked divorce and…

Submitted by: informed on 12/10/2013
I recently risked divorce and bought a third kayak. I already had the free standing Suspenz rack, and wanted to expand it's capability to hold three boats. I bought another hanger and the base extension and in the matter of minutes was able to expand my racks capabilities. If I were ever to want to add another boat it would be a simple matter to hang another carrier on it.
I highly recommend the Suspenz products. Well made and very adaptable!

I purchased the Suspenz two…

Submitted by: jjmckillop on 8/31/2013
I purchased the Suspenz two boat rack with the optional roller wheel assembly about a month ago. As some others have stated I thought the price was a bit high initially, that is until I received the product and saw how well made and heavy duty it was. Directions are very straight forward, assembly takes about 1 hour including clean up and having the recommended beverage while admiring the new rack.

The only issue I had was the online description stated it had adjustments for width, depth and length of Kayaks, and even gave a chart to set up the distance between the two stands. When I received the product it came with a 1 piece cross bar that did not allow for any length adjustment. I phoned Suspenz and was told that the new bar is adjustable and I apparently did not receive that. I was told that Pam would call me as she was more familiar with the new bar. Just as I was finishing putting it all together Pam called and confirmed that I did need the new bar. She told me to go ahead and use the existing bar and she would have the new one shipped to me. When I received the new one I also received an email with a prepaid RMA to send the other bar back. This was a very pleasant experience with Excellent customer service that is lacking today with most purchases.

The Suspenz Rack is an excellent product, well worth the money. Very well constructed, powder coated and best of all "Made in the USA". My wife and I can now paddle for a few hours come home roll the rack out to the driveway, load them and rinse them and all our gear and roll it all back in the garage in time to enjoy happy hour. Very pleased with the rack and the customer service.


Before I start let me make…

Submitted by: informed on 8/2/2013
Before I start let me make this clear - I HATE to assemble anything. So when I opened the box and saw a lot of parts I was not happy - that said you have to love a product that even gives you the appropriate wrench to put it together with. Even better they suggest you have a drink - needless to say an adult beverage or two made the job go pretty quick.

The directions were in English and not translated by a high school student. The actual number of steps were reasonable and not an issue. I only found one discrepancy between the pictures and the written instructions - a call to Suspenz answered that.

Once put together my boats went on easily and they look to be held in a very stable manner.
I like the stand and would buy it again.


Great product. My kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler235042 on 6/11/2013
Great product. My kayaks survived a hurricane on a lake in CT last year without any damage. I needed some new parts for the product today and calling Supenz was one of the more pleasant retail experiences I have had in a long time. I would recommend the company and their products.

I've had our kayaks stored…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2012
I've had our kayaks stored outside .However over time the wasps, squirrels & other critters started making the boats their home, not to mention the weather deterioration of the covers. I recently purchased a Suspenz four boat free standing rack system to place in our garage. I thought it might be a bit "pricey" until I received the unit. This rack system is the best I've seen. Well worth the money! Easy to assemble and looks great! A friend even commented that it looks like a fancy store display! I had one minor issue but it was very quickly resolved with just a phone call. The kayaks are easy to get on & off the racks. Great product!! I've made some disappointing internet purchases in the past but this was NOT one of them! Thanks Suspenz!
- Ed K in Florida

I just recently purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/4/2011
I just recently purchased the two boat storage rack on wheels and the Kayak carrier. Both are exceptional and the support from Suspenz was superb and helpful.

I received the 2 boat free…

Submitted by: paddler229351 on 2/10/2011
I received the 2 boat free standing storage rack and the expansion rack.
Great product. Very easy to set up and install. Very easy to load the kayaks by myself. Plus the rack system looks great also.
Highly recommend the products.

I just wanted to let you all…

Submitted by: paddler233876 on 12/2/2010

I just wanted to let you all in on what a great product the Suspenz Kayak storage rack is. We have a 24 x 24 ft. Garage with a workbench and shelving and we can fit our 2 Delta Sea Kayaks 1- 15.5 and 1 -14.5 on the Suspenz free standing model, our Tacoma 4x4 and an Outback in the garage with plenty of walking space around! The boats fit nice and snug to the wall completely out of the way.

The purchase of the Suspenz was one of the most crucial in protecting our investment in these boats. Easy to move, easy to adjust with 2 different size boats,the bulkheads are in 2 separate places so the free standing set was the one for us, easy to load and unload for one person! We are so pleased with the Suspenz we would recommend it to anyone. This is a great product!


I purchased the free standing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/7/2009
I purchased the free standing rack for 2 kayaks in May and bolted it to my dock. The ease of assembly, design and engineering and quality of materials is all top notch. We use it to store my wife's 14' Impex and my 17'7" CD (both composites) I can unlatch my boat, carry it to the launch platform & enter the kayak in less than 2 minutes. An F1 tornado went through our area in late Aug. and felled a large tree which struck my dock with enough force to cause over $9,000 damage. A limb from that tree struck my kayak (top of rack) and broke it in half. The Suspenz rack was still standing with only one bar bent from the impact. Customer service promptly provided a replacement without charge. Suspenz has no equals!

We just got our Suspenz Kayak…

Submitted by: paddler233245 on 7/21/2009
We just got our Suspenz Kayak Rack for 2 boats. The rack was super easy to assemble and works great for storing our 2 Necky 12 foot kayaks. Great product really well designed and easy to use. Totally worth it if you need a simple storage solution.

Wow... this is one world…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/5/2009
Wow... this is one world class system, from the opening instructional page when it stated "...have a cold beverage of your choice" I knew I made the right selection.

The 2 rack system was received, un-packed and installed in less than 45 minutes. I could not be happier, I feel secure knowing my investments in some fine watercrafts are nestled quite firmly in a system that is so easy to use.

I highly recommend the Suspenz rack system, these guys get it - wonderful people to talk to as well.. did I mention that shipping was fast... I can't even paddle that quick


I went to the Charleston…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2009
I went to the Charleston kayak show and purchased a Suspenz free standing rack for two kayaks. It was shipped to me and it proved to be one of the best racks for storing your kayak that I have seen. It went together very easily and I give it a 10 plus

Excellent design, great…

Submitted by: brodgers on 10/20/2008
Excellent design, great quality, and outstanding customer service! A very sturdy, neat, and secure way to safely store my two expensive kayaks. I could not be happier or more impressed with this product and with the customer service.

I just purchased and set this…

Submitted by: paddler184868 on 9/15/2008
I just purchased and set this up. I'm very happy with it. Easy to set up and a perfect way to clean up the boat minefield that my dock was turning into. I balked initially at the price, but now that I have it installed I'm thinking it was a good value.

We purchased the double free…

Submitted by: paddler232847 on 8/28/2008
We purchased the double free standing rack and it works great for our 2 Hobie Mirage kayaks. Great quality.

I recently purchased the 2 boat free standing rack system and…

Submitted by: csolitary on 8/25/2008

I recently purchased the 2 boat free standing rack system and it is great. I got it a day earlier then anticipated. It was very easy to assemble and to adjust. I have two Swift Kiwassa 12.6 boats and it holds them perfectly. It is extremely easy to put the boats in and take them out of the rack. This is a fantastic product. I also would like to say that the customer service is as top shelf as the product.


Suspenz 2 Boat Free Standing Rack No processing of my order (including…

Submitted by: autiger94 on 7/15/2008
Suspenz 2 Boat Free Standing Rack
No processing of my order (including my P-net discount), quick shipment and a prompt arrival. It was less than a week from submission of my order to delivery (including UPS Ground ship time from the other side of the country). It took all of about 25 minutes to assemble both towers and about 5 minutes to figure out the adjustments, features, etc. once I got my boats on the rack. Heavy duty construction and attractive styling were the icing on the cake.

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler232737 on 7/11/2008
I recently purchased the Suspenz 2-Boat Kayak Rack and what a great product! The assembly was EASY - it even came with a wrench. We have 2 Pungos (12' & 14') and this rack made it easy for me to load my boat myself. When we get our next kayak (not sure when) then I can expand this rack to hold 3 yaks. I have been looking an outdoor storage solution for some time and these racks live up to what they say they will do including "suspends your boat". Highly recommend the Suspenz racks.

I did all my research before purchasing my 2 boat free…

Submitted by: CoachRG on 4/30/2008

I did all my research before purchasing my 2 boat free standing rack, and I'm so glad I listened to reason. Very sturdy (I have 2 fishing tandems loaded), extremely well engineered, and to top it off, fantastic and friendly customer service (Lauri). I am so impressed, I just ordered another wall mount for my yak at the beach house! Thank you, SUSPENZ!


Excellent design, well built,…

Submitted by: tlc10598 on 3/25/2008
Excellent design, well built, easy to assemble, and holds boats off hard surfaces. Great product.

Easy assembly - most…

Submitted by: paddler232437 on 2/4/2008
Easy assembly - most importantly provides excellent and secure storage in truly a minimum of space for our two kayaks. Loading Kayaks into racks, as well as taking them out is positively easy! Terrific product!

I recently assembled my 2 boat rack system and could not…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/28/2008

I recently assembled my 2 boat rack system and could not have wished for a better made product. I have a 14' WS Tarpon 140 and a fiber composite 18' Impex Cat4. They fit perfectly and securely on a super efficient design. Highly recommend!


I am extremely pleased with The Suspenz rack. After an easy…

Submitted by: wgperry609 on 1/18/2008

I am extremely pleased with The Suspenz rack. After an easy assembly I put two plastic boats on it. One is a Wilderness Systems Northstar (tandem) and the other is a Perception Eclipse 17. I'm impressed with the engineering that went into this quality product to create a stable and versatile rack. I had been looking for a storage solution for over two years. When I saw this rack on-line for the first time I knew my yaks would be happy.


The Suspenz "2 boat" rack is…

Submitted by: Binner on 12/7/2007
The Suspenz "2 boat" rack is excellent! I have an 18'10" Extreme and Dagger Cortez safely stored away for a northern Minnesota winter! Assembly took less than an hour with a headlamp! Customer service is incredible with attention to satisfaction and done with professionalism. I will definitely buy the extension when I need it! Thanks for an incredible product at a GREAT price!

My wife and I store two…

Submitted by: paddler232388 on 11/17/2007
My wife and I store two Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140s (14' SOT) on our Suspenz free standing rack and feel confident that our yaks are stored securely and optimally. This is a superbly well-designed storage system that functions exactly as advertised: in a nutshell, perfectly. Assembly was a breeze. We love these racks and give them our highest possible recommendation.

I've been using my Suspenz…

Submitted by: paddler232386 on 11/15/2007
I've been using my Suspenz racks for about a month now for a WS Tsunami 145 and a Necky Manitou Sport. They were easy to assemble, work great and a tremendous convenience. Company follow up to ensure customer satisfaction is excellent! A cost effective way to protect your investment for years and they look great!

In a word AWESOME!! I am…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/14/2007
In a word AWESOME!! I am using the rack behind my shed on a bed of rocks and the rack is stable enough for me to allow my 2 year old grandson to play around it. I am actually proud to own such a solid rack.

As others have stated these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2007
As others have stated these racks are well designed and do the job well (and they look good too). We're storing 2 Hurricane Phoenix 14 foot boats in our Condo garage with the free standing rack. The hardware gets a 10. The company's customer service is among the best I've experienced...they get a 15 here!

We have two Wilderness Tarpon…

Submitted by: paddler232380 on 11/12/2007
We have two Wilderness Tarpon 120's. We love, love, love our two boat rack from Suspenz. It only took about 45 minutes to assemble and it was very easy to load the boats too. Lauri Crowe was very accessible and helpful. We highly recommend to anyone.

I purchased the 2 boat free…

Submitted by: paddler232365 on 10/25/2007
I purchased the 2 boat free standing rack and it is great. Wonderful quality, easy to assemble. Our Pungo and Kewee fit perfect...