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    This Product Has Been Discontinued

    Dry Bags Description

    This waterproof dry bag for kayaking adventures is a must-have accessory. Our boat dry bag features a clear window so you can easily find what you're looking for! Fold the top edge 3 times and buckle ends together for a watertight seal. Four sizes of waterproof dry bag available.

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    Additional Attributes

    • Simply squeeze excess air from bag, roll the top edge down at least 3 times, and then buckle ends together for waterproof storage.
    • Waterproof heat welded seams to keep your things dry
    • Clear mesh see-through window
    • Heat welded inside pocket
    • Large 50L size has attached backpack style straps for an easy-carry load!
    • Comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs:
    • Extra Small: 6 Liter - Open bag size: 14” tall, 9” wide, and 6” diameter
    • Small: 12 Liter - Open bag size: 18” tall, 14" wide, and 7” diameter
    • Medium: 25 Liter - Open bag size: 24” tall, 14” wide, and 9” diameter
    • Large: 50 Liter - Open bag size: 24” tall, 14” wide, and 9” diameter plus backpack style straps

    Suspenz Storage & Transport
    Dry Bags Reviews

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    I have recently bought…

    Submitted by: informed on 8/12/2013
    I have recently bought several rack and paddle storage products from Suspenz and I have have been impressed with their design and quality. I discovered they now have a series of dry bags and got one. I have had a number of different manufacturers and styles of dry bags over the last 30 years or so. They ranged from heavy vinyl to a very light weight laminate. I liked the very light weight, but haven't used it enough to see it's durability - other reviewers have discussed that brand tends to 'delaminate' so the jury is out.

    The Suspenz bag seems to be the best of both worlds. It feels more durable than the extremely thin bags, but is light weight. I have the smallest version and used it for my iphone, keys (with the electric fob) wallet and other 'essentials' for a 2 hour run. I tied it behind my seat where it definitely had the opportunity to get wet. It was a limited test - but everything was completely dry.

    The bags also have a pretty neat feature of a clear (clear - but with a woven material through it -) strip down the bag from top to bottom so that you can see what is in the bag - I would imagine this would be most useful if you had several bags of the same size to know what was in them.

    I am giving the bag a 9 due to limited use time - I will revisit this rating after the opportunity to it longer . Very good buy for the price!