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Sirius 2 Tent

Sirius 2 Tent Description

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Sirius 2 Tent Reviews

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A well-ventilated, simple, inexpensive, lightweight dome tent. Pros: Very easy to set up…

A well-ventilated, simple, inexpensive, lightweight dome tent.

Very easy to set up
Lightweight for a 2P tent Inexpensive

a little heavy for solo backpacking
not full-coverage fly

This tent was discounted nicely just when I was looking to switch to a free standing tent...a necessity for camping on the wooden platforms (chickees) found in the Everglades.

It has proven to be the perfect companion for Florida camping, namely because it is so well ventilated. On hot, steamy nights, pitch it so the fly wings face open into the wind and you have a wind scoop (also blows the bugs out of the vestibules).

I've also used this tent on some very cold nights too...yes, it can get pretty cold here in the winter...into the low 40s a couple nights, so on such nights it is key to pitch it with the fly NOT open to the wind. Actually, the first time I ever used this tent, it snowed a couple inches on the tent! I was in Colorado, not Florida, but the tent held up well to even that surprise...and it was a surprise, let me tell you. Obviously it's not meant to be a 4-season tent, nor am I meant to be a 4-season adventurer.

Also, if it's looking like a monsoon is about to hit, you have to position it so the wind does not blow the rain in. So far I have always kept dry, even with the partial fly. It's just a matter of planning. I really like the partial fly too because it makes it easy to enter and exit the tent. Inside, you can look out to see what's going on. Plus, it reduces the weight and bulk of the tent.

The tent is roomy enough for two smallish people under 6 ft. That's what I've fit, so I can't speak for anyone else. Mostly I have used it by myself for kayak trips, and it has plenty of room for one. It is crucial to position your head on the end with the mesh, otherwise you'll get condensation, water transpiration, and less fresh air.

Finally, this is the easiest set-up of all the tents I've owned. I've done it in the dark many times and I've gotten so good at it that it actually slows me down if someone else tries to help. The two poles are connected at the center (hubbed) so they automatically position themselves for the setup. Usually I set up my tent in a few minutes and then go to help my friends that are still struggling to just get their poles situated.

For the price I paid for this tent and its intended uses, you can't beat it. SD has provided me with some long-lasting, inexpensive gear over the years and I am most happy with the brand.