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Silicone Trail Skirt

Silicone Trail Skirt Description

The Silicone Trail Skirt is a accessory brought to you by Sierra Designs. Read Silicone Trail Skirt reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Sierra Designs
Silicone Trail Skirt Reviews

Read reviews for the Silicone Trail Skirt by Sierra Designs as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

The Sierra Designs...

The Sierra Designs Silicone Trail Skirt is a fun and feminine outdoors garment and can be very practical in certain circumstances. In conceding some important factors such as protection from insects, vegetation, and the sun, great ventilation and freedom of movement are gained. These are tradeoffs that must be weighed depending on individual circumstances. For hiking, backpacking, and watersports, I enjoy wearing the skirt simply for the light, airy, quick-drying, and feminine feel. But fit was a pretty big issue for me, as I found it to run large around the waist and not be quite long enough to live up to its claims of keeping your bottom dry.

Fit & Comfort:
My biggest beef with this garment is the fit. Since this is always a subjective call, I'll start off with my dimensions: 5'9, 130 lbs, 26" waist. I'm also shaped more like a teenage boy in that I have no hips, so I constantly have to deal with the problem of downward slide-age. Almost all my pants require belts, especially when it comes to hiking apparel. So I can't fault the design of this skirt entirely, given my unique dimensions.

But I can, somewhat confidently, say that it appears to run large and short, because I have seen the same comments from a few others. I originally requested a size 4, which proved to be way too big, so I moved down to a 2, the very smallest size it comes in. The second sample fit decently but I found that if I put anything with some weight to it, like a camera or phone, in the side pocket, the skirt would start to slide. It doesn't help that it has no belt loops and thus no way to adjust the waist. The nylon material is also of the new 'stretchy' generation, and while I love the feel, it allows for even more flexibility in the waist. Perhaps since I had to go with the smallest size, I also found that the skirt was not nearly long enough. Mine looks and feels more like a tennis skirt. So while I felt very uninhibited by it, I also had to be quite careful while sitting and climbing so as not to expose myself. Given my stretched-out frame, this isn't the first time I've found a skirt to be too short. So perhaps a more petite woman won't have as much issue with the length.

The skirt has a 6" waistline zipper at the back and the nylon is also quite stretchy. As I’ve already noted, there are no belt loops or an internal belt. This makes the waistline very comfortable under a pack but doesn't allow for adjustability.

Water Resistance:
The skirt is very water-resistant. I spilled water on my lap on one occasion and noted that is just pooled there until I finally shook it off. Likewise, as the material doesn't really soak up water, it dries very quickly. I went swimming / wading in the skirt on quite a few trips, exercising my inner water buffalo, and it proved to be a great swimwear garment.

Ventilation is the key feature of a hiking skirt, so of course it excels in this regard. It's kind of a no-brainer as to why, so I'll leave it up to your imagination. Or just ask the Scotts why they're so fond of their kilts.

Warmth/Layering and Function:
The skirt itself does not provide much warmth but does allow for a high degree of layering options. While I didn't have need to exercise any of these options in sunny Florida, long underwear, leggings, and rain pants could all be used in conjunction with the skirt. Again, one of the selling points of a hiking skirt in that you can change into different under-garments while avoiding exposure. More discrete bathing and personal hygiene functions can also be accomplished with greater ease.

Ease of Use:
Initially I found the waistline zipper to snag at the seam between the waistline and main panel. With repeated use, this problem diminished. There is a bit of a bow in the zipper at this point. The pocket zippers functioned well. As noted above, I had to keep items in the pockets to a minimum so as not to drag the waistline down.

The skirt's primary claim is that the silicone treated back-panel protects your butt from getting wet. While I found the material to live up to its water-proof claim, the back panel does not provide enough coverage to be effective in this regard, at least not for me.

Construction & Durability:
Other than the issue I had with the zipper, the seams, stitching, and material are all of good quality. I subjected the fabric to a fair amount of wear with no apparent abrasions or snags.

tech specs from the manufacturer:
Inseam Length: 15.5 in.
Air Permeability: Main: 2 CFM; Seat: 0.1 CFM
Water Entry Pressure: Seat: 910 mm
Weight: 5.5 oz. / 0.16 kg
Fabric: Main: 90D x 300D, 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex woven, DWR
Seat: 90D x 300D, 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex woven, Silicone treatment
MVTR: Main: 21,500g (JIS); Seat: 1,500g (JIS)

Additional Features
Breathable, stretch woven fabric
Zippered lip balm pocket on right hip
Large, zippered pocket on left hip is designed to fit a folded map
All pockets are accessible with a pack on
Zippered hip opening for easy on/off
Semi-fitted and mid-rise
15" from waistband to hem, hits at mid thigh
Water Resistant Silicone Panel
A permanently treated seat for protection from damp ground
Accessible Pockets with a Purpose
Pockets are accessible while wearing a pack and are designed to fit the things you need on the trail
Pack-Compatible Waistband
Extra wide waistband won't pinch, tug, or slide down

Silicone Trail Skirt