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  • 16' 6" Length
  • 25" Width
  • 40 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 3,700 MSRP

Viking 16.6 Description

The Viking 16.6 is a kayak brought to you by Seda Paddlesports. Read Viking 16.6 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Viking 16.6 Reviews

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I had a Viking almost 30...

I had a Viking almost 30 years ago. Only sold it because I married and we needed money. It was a blast on rough water. Once I was about 3/4 of a mile from the shore of a large lake when the tornado siren at the nearest town sounded. The wind began to pick up, first a little, then it went crazy. I have never been ocean surfing, but I had the time of my life surfing on the lake that day. Never had the least concern about flipping. While paddling back to the car into a 12-15 knot wind a lot of waves washed around my waist.

I found the seat to be quite comfortable and I really liked the roomy cockpit. I am rebuilding my fleet and looking seriously at another Viking, a Glider or an Epic 18X Sport.

WOW! Where has it been!? I...

WOW! Where has it been!? I just began using this boat from owning a Heritage Featherlite 9.5. This boat is night and day!

On a normal flat day w.o extreme tides or winds the boat cruises at 4.2 knots with a medium paced paddle. At one point in Crystal River FL I was riding out some "surf" from large boat wake... When the boat rode them correctly I hit 5 knots!

The boat is EXTREMELY comfortable for a touring boat. I have some space to keep my knees somewhat bent.

update on my last post: I sold my Viking a couple of…

update on my last post:
I sold my Viking a couple of years ago and am still kicking myself. The rear hatch does not leak like I said in the last post.. operator error. I bought the kevlar Swift and it's a bullet on the water. Only thing is my 6'4" body does get cramped in it. My wife however loves the Swift. We do lakes but have taken it down the Snake in the Tetons and it did very well. Kudos to Jim and his wife at Seda. remarkable kayaks!

I bought my Viking from a...

I bought my Viking from a guy in the S.F. bay area and love it. I'm 6'4" and I like to say 225 lbs. I have used it only on Sierra lakes and have been catching fish from it. When it relly blows I can get it on top of waves and keep it there without to much effort. The only reason I'm giving it a 9 is that the back hatch leaks a little when I flip it over. Other than that, if you're a big person this is the one for you. Only thing is, the seat does not fit well for a person with a wide beam. Snug fit.

Today was my inaugural...

Today was my inaugural voyage in the Viking, a standard model with one bulkhead, which I picked up used. I planned to ride the outgoing tide (reaching a low of -2.9 feet) up the shore from Brown’s point (Puget Sound, Washington), and to ride the incoming back at the change. The forecast called for SW 5-15 knots of wind, which meant going back I’d have the tide with me, but the wind against - a situation which tends to kick up the swell a little more.

Beautiful, sunny, no wind yet, glassy water with a soft swell. I became one with the day’s groove and the Viking.

On the way back it eventually became interesting 1-2 ft. (and bigger) chop, whitecaps, with tidal rips creating sometimes confused seas that kind of stand up any old where. The nose of the kayak would sometimes punch through a wave, and in return, a wave sometimes washed over the deck. Did I mention I'm pretty new at this, that is, kayaking? I have done some canoe paddling and windsurfing on these waters, but the kayaking is surely a different experience and set of skills. The Viking did great through all this, never feeling like I was on the edge. I suppose that's what they all say before the wet exit practice...

I'm sure there are faster and sleeker, but we kind of match that way. I'm 6 feet and 220. Everything seemed to fit pretty well. I'll have to remeber to put the rudder up before beaching, but it was sturdy enough to stand up to that abuse. Consider the experience level of your source, but the Viking was a friendly ride that I recommend.