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The Vagabond is a kayak brought to you by Seda Paddlesports. Read Vagabond reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Vagabond Reviews


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Vagabond Reviews

Read reviews for the Vagabond by Seda Paddlesports as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: paddler231935 on 2/16/2007
I recently purchased a Fiberglass Vagabond with Deluxe Yellow/Red Gelcoat Fade Finish and custom skeg fin from Seda. I was going to wait and review the boat after I received it, however, I can't keep my experience to myself, first I have to review my experience leading to the purchase.

I want to share a thought about something that doesn't happen very often in this day and time. In my search for my perfect kayak after doing some research and a lot of web hunting I decided that Seda would be an excellent choice.

Through e-mails and phone calls I came to being on a first name basis with "Jim" at the Seda headquarters. This guy is the "BEST". He never had anything else but friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful advice for me. From my first communication I made it clear that due to my finances I wouldn’t be spending any money with Seda directly.

That never mattered to him, he always treated me like it was his pleasure to do so. I eventually came to the conclusion that my best choice was a demo Vagabond that was on the Seda headquarters ‘bargain’ list. However, in clear black print it said ‘no shipping’, customer must come in to look at demos. This would be impossible for me to do living in Tampa, Florida.

I e-mailed Jim and asked him to work with me on this and included my number. He didn’t reply to my e-mail, nor did he wait to hear from me. He called me, not to say, rules are rules……but rather to tell me he had received my e-mail. He then politely allowed me to explain about my skill level, places I would be paddling, places I’d like to paddle eventually. After I was done, he once again honestly provided informative feedback. Never did I get put on hold, never did he talk to someone else at the shop with me on the phone. Never did I get the feeling that I a limited amount of time to explain myself.

Before we hung up I was the proud owner of a soon to be delivered gorgeous demo Vagabond. He even offered customizing the craft for a very fair additional charge, which made the already modest cost even more attractive. Never did he try to push every product on his sales sheet on me. What’s more he included at no charge, things that were offered in print on the Seda website at ‘additional costs’. As I’ve read in previous posts about Seda, “The folks at Seda are the best”. And I can personally say, “Jim is the greatest”. Wish they had a factory in Florida.


I initially reviewed my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2005
I initially reviewed my Vagabond with a nine in view of some sharp edges on its cockpit. Lo and behold the Seda people got in touch with me and were terrific as they took my kayak and rounded the edges, even picked it up and brought it back. Additionally possibly in view of several vagabond nuts like myself they have a new model with a skeg and slightly modified hull which makes the boat as fine a performance boat as the one I added a fin to. So I am changing my vote to a 10 as after even more pleasure on the coastal waters...I even take it out to kicks blazes out of everything I meet. So I am also thinking of getting their newer model which has a drop skeg…because although my long funlike skeg works incredibly well, it does get a bit grated when I come in on a wave to the beach. My kevlar Vagabond is so light I can hand carry it down moderate cliffs and have done. And it is fast and with the skeg…a real arrow.

I purchased a kevlar Vagabond…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/13/2005
I purchased a kevlar Vagabond and took it straight out into the Santa Monica Bay where it zigzagged almost at every dip of a paddle when i really dug in so i had a long "fin' more than a skeg fiberglassed onto it and now the boat tracks like a demon. I also like carrying the boat in one hand and my gear in another as I make my way to the shore from the parking lot. This boat is light! It has room for gear too and turns pretty well. The only issue I have is the finish on the edges of the cockpit were sharp as hell and I really got a lulu of a cut/bruise getting out on a bit of a wave crash in hurry. Otherwise this is my fourth kayak...the Vagabond is a really terrific piece of work and fast too. Trying to figure what to do with the sharp edges but keeping this baby as long as I intend to paddle.

I bought a seda vagabond in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/26/2004
I bought a seda vagabond in 1978 only because it was the only one i could find boy was I lucky. I paddled it from lakes to class4 whitewater for many years with proper technique a person can paddle any water they would like the one thing I really liked about the boat was the ability to snap off the spray skirt and bend my knees on long trips without getting out of the boat. Because of its length it takes good tecnique in wild watersit's no playboat but it sure fits the bill for a kayak that can do everything. I give it a 10 because I was there and i put it through the paces. I am going to buy another.

The Vagabond is a great…

Submitted by: Pete on 9/11/2002
The Vagabond is a great little boat. It is an absolute blast to paddle especially into the wind and waves. The boat loves to turn and handles very well for a guy at just under 6ft. and 195 lbs.

I purchased the kevlar model…

Submitted by: paddler229787 on 7/8/2002
I purchased the kevlar model and had the company ship it to me directly. At 29 lbs, it's the easiest kayak to load/launch. It handles great on the water, easy to maneuver and very stable. In a quartering tailwind, the boat does tend to spin out without some effort to keep it tracking straight. I think a skeg would help alleviate the extra work. The quality and construction can't be beat. I found the staff at Seda to be very customer service-oriented, they can answer any questions you may have.

I just bought a used Vagabond…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2001
I just bought a used Vagabond (it is the deluxe fiberglass version), and have used it once in calm backwaters of a local reservoir. I previously had an Old Town Loon 160T tandem which weighed a ton. What a delight the Vagabond is for a novice paddler like me. I am 6'1" and 195 lbs and have plenty of room. I really like the stability of the kayak. I never felt like the boat was going to go over. I also can't believe how much easier this boat is to load, transport, and launch. I let it hang out of the back of my Expedition to get it to the water as I don't have a proper roof rack yet. I can't wait to get a few more hours in it.

I have been looking for a…

Submitted by: paddler229419 on 8/20/2001
I have been looking for a boat for quite some time now, reading all of the product reviews, and going out to the rental yards to try them all out. Originally I was looking for a plastic version of the traditional 17' expedition type (Eclipse, Cape Horn, etc....). Then one day I saw an ad for a used Kevlar Vagabond for a great price. I had never paddled one, but the price was so good that I figured it would make an excellent spare boat for my friends to use. Well guess what......I fell in love with the vagabond! I could not believe how nice the boat fit my body (I'm fairly large at 6'3" 225Lbs), it accelerates better than any of the larger boats I tried, can maintain a speed nearly as fast as the 17' boats, and is WAY more maneuverable. Not to mention the fact that it is only 29 pounds (at least that is what the mfg. says in the literature). My only complaint is in tracking and foot room. In a stiff quartering tailwind the Vagabond will "spin out" without a lot of effort to keep it going straight. I finally broke down and added a very small fixed fin at the aft end. Very small, and fixed the tracking problems. I have no idea what to do with my size 13 feet, but I will live with it somehow. If it had more foot room it would be a 10.

I am thoroughly enjoying this…

Submitted by: paddler228885 on 9/5/2000
I am thoroughly enjoying this boat. I am 6 feet tall, weigh 225 pounds with size twelve feet and find the boat exceptionaly comfortable. The kevlar version for only 1225 dollars cannot be beat for price value. Weight at only 29 pounds speaks for itself. On the water, I have no difficulty tracking in wind and waves. The boat is quick and highly maneuverable and for its, size, if you like to race in classes for boats under 14'6", will be quite competitive. Stability is excellent. This is a great hybrid boat for one who wants to do it all: flat water, ocean/surf, moderate white water(or more technical if you have the skills) and twisty little creeks and marsh trails that your full length sea kayak could never dream of navigating. And please get it in kevlar, you can't beat the price and you will love the weight and performance.

Excellent beginners boat. Not…

Submitted by: paddler228074 on 5/12/1999
Excellent beginners boat. Not a great tracker but very comfortable when you learn the proper technique. Rides well in rough water. Stability is excellent. Kevlar construction is light (30 pounds) and very affordable. Flotation bags can be adjusted for storage however access requires that you place most needed items in the boat last.

Offspring of a vintage…

Submitted by: paddler227982 on 1/12/1999
Offspring of a vintage whitewater slalom boat and built by SEDA in Kevlar and 'glass, this elder statesman among touring kayaks is now almost alone in its class. Not a cut-down sea touring boat, the Vagabond is a big (14'), beamy all-rounder. Flat amidships, with a v-section bow and a u-section stern, the Vagabond turns better than it tracks, though a good paddler won't find it hard to keep it going straight ahead.

And the Vagabond is roomy. Boasting an oversize cockpit -- there's room for you to pull your knees up; you can even find a place for your cigar -- there are few boats easier to load or enter. No hatches to leak or lose, and no rudder to foul or jam. Simplicity itself.

There is a downside, of course. No compromise is perfect. On days when the wind threatens to snap the tops off the pines you'll wish you had that rudder. In heavy whitewater you'll wish that you could make the big cockpit smaller. And if you only weigh 100 pounds and never carry anything but a sandwich and a camera, you'll be better off with something else.

For long tours in mixed water and all weathers, however, the Vagabond can't be bested. Deck cargo? Tie it on. Ten days food? No problem. The complete works of Anthony Trollope? Be my guest (but get the paperback edition). Sea kayaks and their offspring are wonderful things -- light, lithe and fast -- but there are still places where you'll want the "heavy brigade." The Vagabond is just about the last of that breed. Happily, it was also one of the best.