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Plastic Gypsy

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The Plastic Gypsy is a kayak brought to you by Seda Paddlesports. Read Plastic Gypsy reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Plastic Gypsy Reviews

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We have two plastic...

We have two plastic gypsy's that we bought used. Very fast on flat water but because of the v hull it becomes unstable in windy or choppy water.
Does non trak well when pushed. Storage is great with two nice sized compartments.
Rudders would fix the tracking.

Best kayak ever. I was...

Best kayak ever. I was born on a boat, raised on a boat, live on a boat, and have owned six or eight kayaks over the years. This is the best one by far. Love it. Nimble, responsive, low wetted surface, low wavemaking drag. Big things do come in small packages.

My girlfriend and I bought...

My girlfriend and I bought the kayak Gypsy 15' plastic and really didn't like it too much. We bought it for about $200 used.

Pros: The kayak is very fast.

- The V bottom made the boat very "tippy" and wasn't very stable. While i did get used to it, it's still not as stable as many other kayaks.
- Doesn't track, my girlfriend has a heck of a time trying to keep it straight, like others have said, a rudder would definitely solve this part. I was able to track it but i found that if you're not paddling hard, it won't track at slower speeds.

Overall, we just didn't like it. Maybe for someone who is looking for a work out...

Plastic Seda Gypsy. I...

Plastic Seda Gypsy. I have had this boat for around 10 years now and like it very much. It is great in the surf, but I have used it on large lakes and rivers more than the ocean. The main problem has been tracking. At slow to moderate speed it is fine but it refuses to track when pushed hard. The rudder fixed the problem. Good storage space, but the front hatch leaks and is small.

Have had a fiberglass...

Have had a fiberglass Gypsy for 3 years. I like everything about the boat except it can be a little slow when paddling with the big boys. This is a minor drawback. Strong points are very high initial stability (good for kids and beginners), stable in rough water, plenty of storage for a 15' boat, comfortable seat, and a nice looking boat, especially in fiberglass.

I have done many 3 night camp outs on Puget Sound and a 6 day down Lake Chelan where we had 20-30 knots of wind. That was a little crazy but she never capsized in very rough 2-3 foot following seas. There is a lot of storage under and behind the seat which almost gives the day hatch advantage. All in all a great boat for the money. Seda is the best for low cost solid fiberglass kayaks. A great boat for anyone under about 175# that wants a stable, shorter, and easy to handle kayak. Mine has no rudder which takes a little practice, but is fine.

I have enjoyed my Gypsy...

I have enjoyed my Gypsy kayak immensely, and use it mostly for touring upper Newport Bay. It is a very convenient size and weight for me and fits easily on the top of my car. There are hatches in front and rear; the front hatch has come to leak a bit, but the rear is sealed with a neoprene membrane. The kayak is very stable and quite fast. I use it without a rudder, and it does require more technique to keep it going straight without the rudder. The advantage of this kayak is its low cost and fantastic durability. I recommend it highly for close trips near shore; it perhaps is not seaworthy enough for longer voyages far from shore.

The plastic gypsy is a...

The plastic gypsy is a wonderful small boat made of cross-linked polyethylene, which makes it virtually indestructible. The one I use was purchased for my wife and we use it in the waters around San Diego on modest trips and for bird watching in the Bay. The boat is good and stable, and the cockpit is large enough to allow easy in and out movement. I added a rudder to the boat because directional stability is a bit sketchy for an inexperienced paddler. I don't use the rudder when I paddle the boat, but my wife has some small problems without it (technique). The weight it a bit higher than I like (it weighs a little more than my 17" Kevlar Seda Swift), but this is not a major problem if the two of us get together to lift it to the top of my VW bus. Because I sometimes have visitors who want to paddle here, I often use the Gypsy myself and let the guest have my Swift. I am sold on this 15-foot boat and would recommend it to anyone looking for a real, but diminutive, sea kayak.