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X-Series Camp Cookware

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  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing, Kayak Fishing

Sea to Summit
X-Series Camp Cookware Reviews

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While getting ready for a...

While getting ready for a land based trip in the Great Smoky Mountains a few weekends ago, I decided to add two Sea to Summit X-Mugs to the gear roster. I was fully stoked to say the least! Lightweight (2.7 oz), Compact enough to store in my bear canister (Less than an inch), Fairly large capacity (Two cups), and the food grade plastic they're made of stood up to the heat of a hot meal, without being uncomfortable to hold! They washed clean with very little water or effort. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to lighten their cook kit. All these benefits, and priced at only $10. I look forward to checking out the rest of the X-series Camp Cookware from Sea to Summit in the very near future!
Kudos STS!

First of all, I am not a...

First of all, I am not a fan of S2S. I've had too many problems with too many of their products but, everyone has a bad day so when I like a product from S2S, it must be good.

The X-series is a solution to a major problem, bulk! Although a kayak can haul an obscene amount of gear, all that gear must fit through a 9" hatch! AND that gear must pack into a long and narrow area AND share that space with other gear. For cooking, you are generally forced to use those tiny pots that won't cook even a single meal, much less enough for a hungry paddler or family which requires a larger pot that won't fit through your hatch. The S2S X-pot solves this by collapsing into a flat area into which you can store a S2S folding bowl and mug. I manage to fit my X-Pot into my Jetboil frying pan and haul the entire cooking system: fry pan, pot, bowl and mug in a bag that is 8" across by maybe 2" thick. A bag that size easily fits flat against my bulkhead taking up little room. This plus my Jetboil Flash does everything I need or want on a trip with a minimum of space.

The system is far from perfect. From reading the reviews and personal experience, one gets the impression the S2S rushes their gear into production without fully field-testing the stuff. Jetboil is wonderful in that they not only made their systems work well, they listened to their customers and fixed any problems which is why the current igniters are gen-3 and you can buy a half-dozen sizes of pots that all fit the same burner. S2S tends to ignore the customer suggestions and you hear the same problems over years of reviews.

PRO: compact!
Any x-series mug, bowl, pot, etc folds down to maybe an inch thick which makes for excellent storage. Many of the x-series nest with no added bulk. I can nest my mug and bowl into my pot with no added bulk and ma told that I can add a second bowl and second mug in the same area. If you respect the marked flame-line on the x-pot, you will have no problems with melting the pot. S2S has a free PDF to instruct you on this. Read it!

I can use my X-pot on my Jetboil if I add the pot-support which fits inside my Jetboil pot. This expands my cooking abilities to virtually anything I can consider. Jetboil Flash, Jetboil Fry-pan and S2S X-pot is the only thing I now haul. Properly used, they are compatible.

CON: The x-pot lid sucks.
It cracks easily and S2S seems unwilling to fix the problem. Many people complain that food odors are retained by the silicon and never fades. Some people complain that the folds tear easily. I never saw this in the ones I own and it may be a problem with one of their factories cutting corners. Some people complain that the rigid ring on the mug and cup breaks. I know mine did so I superglue it every year or so.

STUPID: Many of the complaints I put down to misuse. You use the stuff camping, of course it will attract dirt. There is raised marking inside, of course those will take a bit more cleaning. Deal!

People complain that they melted their x-gear in the microwave. The stuff is made for camping! Use it for its intended use people. People complain that they melted their x-gear on a campfire or Coleman stove. Read the instructions! Only the X-pot and X-kettle are made for a stove and right on the bottom is a drawn ring and a warning to keep the flame inside that circle. I do and never suffered any melting. There are a lot of stupid people out there who misuse the gear and blame S2S for that misuse which is unfair to the company.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I own the x-cup, x-mug, x-bowl and X-pot with a 75% failure rate. The bowl will not fully fold. The rim on the mug cracked, the lid-holder on the pot tore. I fixed the pot and mug with some superglue which works and I consider repeated yearly repairs to be no different than repairing a bent tent-pole or replacing stakes or any other regular maintenance on my gear.

Properly used, the gear solves the problem of bulk. I use it because S2S is the only company that can do this and it is compatible with my Jetboil. But when you pay $15-42 for a folding bowl, you expect it to fold. When you pay $12-45 for a mug, you expect it to NOT crack and when you pay $60 for a pot, you expect the lid and holder to survive. I just wish S2S would be more understanding when addressing the concerns of their customers.

Will I continue to use the X-system? yes. I can live the the problems because the system DOES pack away nicely and because the X-system DOES make my life easier.

X-Series Camp Cookware