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  • 12' 6" Length
  • 34" Width
  • 32 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 329 MSRP

SE-370 Description

The Sea Eagle 370 is the 330's big sister. Only 6 lbs. heavier (32 lbs.) with a larger carrying capacity of 3 people or 650 lbs. You can take along enough gear for that long weekend fishing trip, camping adventure or river running voyage. Form and function make the Sea Eagle 370 America's second most popular inflatable kayak.

This affordable inflatable sport kayak is as lightweight and portable as it gets, yet still remarkably stable and durable.

SE-370 Reviews


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SE-370 Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Tandem, 3+
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Length: 12' 6"
  • Width: 34"
  • Primary Material: Folding/Inflatable

SE-370 Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Hull Shape: Round
  • Rudder/Skeg: Skeg/Fin

Additional Attributes

  • NMMA Certified
  • Open and close drain valve
  • Five deluxe one-way valves
  • Lashed down inflatable spray skirts
  • I-beam construction floor
  • 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed
  • Sun & saltwater resistant hull material

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation, Touring
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: Day Trip, 2-3 Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult

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SE-370 Reviews

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Overall, love the product....

Overall, love the product. Stows great and is perfect for my lifestyle. Only downside is its tracking but to be expected on an inflatable. I have not taken it on any fast rivers, but great on lakes and class I.

This is a great kayak for...

This is a great kayak for inland lakes and rivers. It can handle up to level 2 rivers. Once you get to level 3, then it begins to be harder to steer. Lightweight and easily transported. The tandem version is nice but wish it had a couple things. 1 being that there were different seats to choose from. The ones that come with it are okay but not as comfortable. 2 being that wish it had some foot pedals. When kayaking alone, foot pedals would make it easier to apply thigh pressure when needed. The skegs are okay but make sure you keep them straight as possible otherwise you will be exerting more energy trying to keep it going straight. 3 being that the knowledge of choosing the right paddle goes out the window with an inflatable. The side walls are so much higher and if your are around 5' tall then finding a paddle that will be comfortable is going to be a challenge. I would still highly suggest an inflatable kayak for people who want to get into kayaking. Easy going and manageable for the recreational beginner kayaker.

I bought the SE-370 Deluxe...

I bought the SE-370 Deluxe package several months ago and have been out and a dozen or so trips. I'm in the heavier range and wanted something that could handle myself and some camping gear, or my small kids and the SE-370 turned out to be one of the best values for high weight capacity.

Overall its strengths are its weight, capacity, small storage and transport size, and stability. Its weaknesses are tracking, ease of getting in and out, and quality of bundled accessories.

I purchased a Deluxe Inflatable Kayak seat as well.

Set Up: Everything shipped to be me in great shape. Initial set up can be a little frustrating; you need to install the valves on kayak but once its done you don't have to do it again. And I appreciate that they are replaceable.

Build Quality: The kayak is very well made, and the materials are tough. I don't know how, but I did manage to poke a hole in it when it was in my garage, but I patched super easily.

Inflation: Super easy, took me about 30 minutes my first time and now I think I can do it in about 10 minutes

Handling and Comfort: The Kayak can fit two adults comfortable, I think three would be fun for goofing around but not longer trips. I feel like it paddles better with two people or some weight in the front. It goes blown around aggressively in the wind, and will spin when you stop paddling. I find have to make several strokes on one side when paddling into the head wind. It's fine on calm days or on sheltered rivers, but if you are doing bigger water I'd like at one of the Fast Track or Explorer models (which I may upgrade to). I would also like a slightly shallower draft but I don't think that's what this model has.

The kayak is super stable and has handled wake from wake boats very well. It can be a little tricky to get into and takes some practice doing it solo, especially on steeper ramps or in deeper water.

Deflating Transport, and Storage: I give the kayak 15-20 minutes to dry out in the sun and then wipe it down. It deflates in less than 10 minutes and is ready to go. Stuffing it back in its bag is a little rough as it handles like rolled up carpet, but not bad. After that it easily fits in the trunk of car. I even checked it in my luggage and flew with, though the bag is not very comfortable and carrying more than short distances is painful.

Accessories: The paddles are cheap and rattle, but they do break down into 4 pieces and its nice to not have to spend more money at the start. The foot pump works great, though I suspect it won't last too long and the clasp for folding it up doesn't work very well. The carrying case fits the kayak, but as stated above its not very comfortable, and is quickly showing signs of ware.

Overall I'm really impressed with the quality for price, and I think its a great affordable way to get into kayaking, and seems easily competitive with similar recreational kayaks. I think I'll be upgrading to the explorer series to improve handling and the ability to use a higher seat for fishing, but I'll keep this one to lend to friends and for my family to use.

We purchased the SE 370 to...

We purchased the SE 370 to replace a hard canoe so we could have a manageable paddling watercraft while camping in our class C RV. I feel it performs almost as well as the hard canoe which was a 16' Navarro Otter. I have paddled it with my wife and my brother, who is a seasoned paddler. My brother was quite impressed with it. He is currently looking for single, hard kayaks for himself and his wife. We've used it in a calm ocean and large lakes. We've paddled in calm weather and some windy conditions, but we're not flowing water paddlers. The only problem we had was one side lost pressure and I think I've found the valve for that side leaks if its not tightened properly. There are three chambers, right side, left side and bottom chambers. We purchased the deluxe model which has canvas seats with separate chambers for back and bottom. The paddles are good enough for the easy paddling we do. There are three paddle blade angle adjustment holes. We were comfortable with the construction of the Sea Eagle since we had a large dinghy made of the same material which we towed behind our 27' sailboat for about 15 years. The SE 370 tracks well and good directional stability for our purposes.

This was my first kayak....

This was my first kayak. This is an excellent all around kayak. It is extremely stable and sea worthy and surprisingly fast. I was able to outrun tourists paddling rental kayaks easily. It has two skegs and track fairly well. I did find it challenging to paddle straight on a windy day prior to perfecting my stroke. With some practice Inlearned to paddle straight under most conditions. I like that there are multiple chambers in the event one chamber is punctured. The two main tubes are filled with air separately unlike the Advanced Elements Expedition I own, where if I punctured one side of the kayak both sides would deflate quickly. I'd highly recommend this kayak.

love this kayak, we take...

love this kayak, we take it camping, storing it in our cargo hold, its a boat in a bag. any time theres a pond, or lake we blow it up and go. holds alot of weight and is not tippy

I have had a great time...

I have had a great time with this kayak. I have taken it on lakes and rivers like the Muskegon. Also, have used it on Lake Superior which I was surprised how easy it was too handle on a big lake. With it being only 32lbs and able to be put in a trunk of a car, transporting it is so easy. I love this kayak and try to get out as much as possible but it is never enough. It takes a beating too like cover over rocks and running into fallen trees. Stands up to alot. This is great for a beginner and I highly recommend it.

Good value. Best performance for tandem is to switch to canoe paddles

There's a lot to like. Price. portability, size, quality, good connectors and good air pump.
Easy to transport, inflated, on a car without roof rack.
But for tandem use you must try it with regular wooden canoe paddles. Beats those stupid kayak paddles hands down. Better control. Less frustration re synchronizing strokes (no need to really). You can stay dry instead of getting rained on from the kayak paddles with their useless anti-drip rubbers.
Overall, a much more relaxed, enjoyable experience.

For the price point, it is really hard to argue. It is easy…

For the price point, it is really hard to argue.

It is easy to inflate with the provided foot pump. I prefer the regular seats to the ""deluxe"" seats as it helps with stability and I am 235 pounds. The deluxe seats are taller but they do stay in place better than the regular seats. They include an inflation guide, which was nice.

For an inflatable it tracks pretty well. Not perfect but that is one of the things you trade for its ease of transport and storage.

It is durable but it won't last indefinitely if you are really putting it through its paces. I think with decent care and easy flat water it could last >10 years. It is a bit prone to very small leaks from thorns etc. if you are taking it down a river. These are patch-able (patch kit included!) but can be a hassle in the moment as you will have to pull over to air it up.

The valves on this boat are a thing of beauty, easy to use and dependable.

I certainly recommend this boat and love having it.

We bought the SE 370...

We bought the SE 370 deluxe package for our full time travels in a 5th wheel. We previously had a 16 ft lake canoe. I am 5'9, wife is 5'7 so there is plenty of leg room.

I won't go through the ease of set up etc. well documented in other reviews. We have found the SE370 to be ""rolly"" with the deluxe seats due to a higher Center of Gravity. We have deflated the seat slightly, keeping the back inflated and that helped. Tracking is okay, but the wind plays heck above 5 mph in open water. Entry and exit is still an adventure, but we're learning. We look forward to using it in New England this summer and getting better at the art of kayaking. Over all, I would recommend this for anyone looking for an entry level kayak at a reasonable price.

I think the SE 370 is the...

I think the SE 370 is the best inflatable for the price. The 370 is perfect for 2 people. It also handles very well with one person. I have taken mine on several multi-day floats and had plenty of room for all my camping gear. It is very durable and a perfect choice for anyone that doesn't have a roof rack.

I purchased this kayak...

I purchased this kayak with my boys in mind and it has surpassed all my expectations. It is easy to store, transport and set-up. We have owned it for three months and used it in the ocean, bays and rivers, all of which have been a blast. The kayak is extremely durable and easy to use. At this point my 14 year old son takes his friends out in it by himself, in the Delaware River and has not had any difficulties. Tracking was a major concern and again the kayak handled amazingly. We get a kick out of people at the boat ramps and on shore that look at us like we're crazy, then they see the kayak in operation and become converts. I hope this review helps you in your decision process.

This was my first try at...

This was my first try at an inflatable kayak, and I was a little disappointed, but for the money this is a great kayak for a family outing at the lake. It acts more like a float so it is a lot harder to move it through the water than a hard-shell kayak. It was easy to set it up but a little heavy for me to carry by myself but the average man should not have any problem at all. I think I am going to try the folding kayak next

We purchased an SE-370 for...

We purchased an SE-370 for use this summer. We have used it for kayaking on lakes and reservoirs, and have found its portability and ease of setup very convenient. It is fairly stable. It would be improved if it had a more solid floor, with less of an 'air-mattress' feeling to it. Also - it is more difficult to deflate with the pump than it is to simply unscrew the valves completely.

Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro...

Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package is a very heavy gauge PolyKrylar material tandem boat with two seats, two aluminum ores and pump. This boat will easily take a class II with the front and rear laced on inflatable spray skirt covers to deflect water. The sides have a gauge stamped on them and you use a see-through plastic card to place over them to compare and prevent over inflating. The valves are great for easy inflating and quick deflating. The 10 foot interior gives plenty of room. The seats are very sturdy and I found the ores to be very substantial. The floor has a self-bailing drain valve to help keep you semi-dry.

Everything packs away in a great tote bag that's just over 3 feet tall and will easily fit in a trunk. My tote split along the seam after second use. This was likely due to poor craftsmanship but I easily repaired it. The boat is very well made with two sides and floor all inflated separately. The white color helps to keep the boat from getting hot in the sun.

The boat does very good on flat water and lakes. The two skegs on the bottom provide good tracking in wind. For the shallows the bottom is very durable and capable of going over rocks and submerged logs with no signs of wear. I found the seats too high making the boat unsteady for rapid flowing rivers and whitewater. For rougher water I recommend sitting on the floor and use the back of the seat (turned around) for the passenger a leave the back seat out.

I consider this a great all round boat. Don't expect this boat to outperform a hard shell kayak but hey, it fits in the trunk.

It's great for my...

It's great for my purposes. An entry level, tandem that's very stable and easily stored. The setup time is pretty good - 30 minutes, and it's uncomplicated.

It doesn't move as fast as a hard shell, but I'm not in a rush. So all in all, I'm very happy with it.

We purchased four of the...

We purchased four of the SE370 Sport Kayaks and LOVE them. We've been out on a the lake once and taken two nine mile trips up the New River (first was with a myself and 3 teenage boys and the 2nd was with my wife and 2 teenage daughters) and these things haven't missed a beat. Been stuck on and bounced off numerous rocks, hit submerged limbs and branches, and scraped the rocky bottom and these boats don't show any wear.

We got the Pro package and love the seats. Everything is top quality and I've had a lot of inquiries about these kayaks on the two days we were on the New River. We love how small everything pack down to and with everything in it's carry bag each one weights in at only 48 pounds. Not something you want to carry up a mountain but very manageable none the less.

There are advantages and disadvantages to these over a hard shell but given our space/hauling requirements we love these (hard to haul a 30ft travel trailer and 4 hard shell kayaks). I would (and have) recommended these to anyone.

I am loving my Sea Eagle...

I am loving my Sea Eagle SE-370. I wish I had discovered this boat years ago. I am 6'5" and find it hard to fit in a traditional kayak. Storage space is also a consideration. The Sea Eagle SE-370 meets both of these requirements. An inflatable that packs up and fits in my coat closet is also ideal. I have plenty of room to paddle and stretch out. The boat handles well in the lake with moderate wind. Setting up was super easy and I'm on the water in about 12 minutes.

I purchased this kayak...

I purchased this kayak (SE370) so that my wife and I could enjoy the waters when we go out in our RV. Just so you have perspective, I am 6'2" - 270lbs and my wife is 5'8 - 180 lbs (don't tell her I told you that!). I only give that info because I think it's relevant.

I agree with others that it is easy to set up the kayak and seats. We purchased the SE370 Pro Package with the upgraded seats, paddles and foot pump as well as the storage bags. When you get all gear together with kayak inflated, is is heavier than the 32 lbs advertised - that's the boat alone. It is a bit more porting it all together. We decided that is was easier to take the seats out and throw them over the shoulder or carry in hand with the paddles. That way the boat is at it's lightest.

The kayak is easy to enter near the shore, but after several outings, it became evident that the more water and sediment we got off our feet before the feet entered the boat the better. One in the boat, the seats are comfortable and the boat feels secure. I am wide enough that with my seat in back the side tubes in the boat do not meet my wife's seat on the sides which makes her seat somewhat less stable, but my feet are usually against the seat anyway in some fashion. We could probably use about another foot in length, but there is plenty room as it is and we can both put our feet up on the sides to stretch out whenever we want.

The kayak is easy to steer and seems to track well, even in relatively choppy water. i would say the wind is a bigger factor in directing the boat than the chop in the water.

Storing is a breeze, but if you put all items (boat, seats, paddles and pump) in the bag, it's pretty heavy. The bag; however, does have a carry strap with a small shoulder pad that helps. I can carry it, but my wife would struggle greatly. If we need to carry it far deflated, we would separate some items into another bag (seats, pump and paddles) and both carry.

We do get stuck occasionally in low water (less than 12"), but usually it's as simple as pushing back and re-directing. The material (K-80 POLYKRYLAR) is very durable. The white color gets dirty easily, but it also cleans easily by simply wiping down with a damp cloth. I do use a small amount of liquid dish washing soap on the covers of the seats to get out dirt/sand as they will not come clean otherwise. I have noticed that at least for me, it's very difficult to stay dry when paddling. The sides are high (more like a canoe) and one has to paddle "high" dripping lots of water on the sides and often legs. I may get better as time goes on but I suspect I will never really stay dry in the 370.

All in all, for a leisure boat (we haven't done any whitewater), and for the price - I think it's awesome. I would recommend this to anyone for a first kayak, who wants a truly portable kayak, who has little storage space, or just wants an inexpensive way to get into kayaking! We are likely to buy a second one (330) so we can have our own when we want and also be able to tandem as we have been so far.

I own the Sea Eagle 370 as...

I own the Sea Eagle 370 as my second kayak, with a Trophy 126 being my first. I wanted a boat that could be comfortable as a tandem kayak, without taking up a lot of storage space.
I do have the "deluxe" package, which included more rugged seats that the basic kit.

The total kit includes a storage bag, two four-piece paddles, two inflatable seats, a foot-operated air pump, a repair kit, two inflatable "doughnuts" to protect the skegs while packed, and two inflation gauges. The boat is very rugged with heavy fabric, a tow point on the bow and a drain plug at the stern. There are a total of five separate air chambers: the floor, each side tube, the bow and stern skirts (which are separate pieces and held in place with rigging). The inflation gauges help get the correct pressure on the side tubes, but you have to guess at the correct pressure for the floor. I don't know why the manufacturer couldn't have setup the flooring to also use the inflation gauge.

After a bit of practice I've been able to setup the boat in 20 minutes, about the same amount of time it takes me to setup my hard shell. Packing up is also quick as I merely deflate the boat and throw everything into my car, knowing I'm going to clean everything when I get home.

The Sea Eagle's buoyancy and center of gravity feels more like a canoe than a kayak as you sit higher up in the boat due to the inflatable seats and inflatable bottom. Because the seats are removable, you can set them for either two people or use only one seat for a single paddler, something not possible in hard shell tandem boats.

Stability is a bit touchy in high crosswinds, but easy enough to get used to. The length of this boat is roomy for two people and cargo. With one person you could easily pack all necessary equipment for several day's camping.

Paddling is also a bit different as the sides of the boat are a bit higher than a hard shell, which forces me to hold the paddles a little higher to avoid rubbing the sides of the boat. The paddles are covered with rubber tubing when they can rub the boat, which I think is a nice touch for protecting the boat's fabric. The skegs seem to help with tracking, but I do notice that winds blow this boat around more than a hard shell kayak, presumably because there is more exposed surface area. The boat will also "flex" in choppy water, which takes a bit getting used to.

The real advantage of this inflatable boat is it's ease of transport. As one other reviewer has noted, the boat is airline transportable. The entire kit packs into a large duffle bag which is a real storage advantage for a condo dweller or someone who only has a small car. For people who have rotator cuff (shoulder) problems, it is much easier to load this boat into a car instead of dragging it off the top roof rack. It's also easier to pack this boat along on a long trip, instead of tying a kayak onto the car roof.

One caution is that the boat has to be absolutely dry before storing it to prevent mold from growing on the fabric. I learned this the hard way and now I have a very unsightly three-inch diameter black stain up at the bow, around the area where the skirt and side tube meet.

Overall, this is a great boat. It's easy to store, easy to pack for a trip, and will get you out on the water for a great day of paddling.

I had never kayaked but my...

I had never kayaked but my wife had and so was looking for something when I came across these Inflatable Kayaks from and order the SE370. When it arrived I immediately opened up and inflated it in the back yard. It was so easy and deflating and storing back into the bag provided.

My wife and I headed out to the Columbia river near Bateman Island to test it out and we were very happy. I have since been out again near Two rivers park and this time just me and again the SE370 was great. I am looking forward to many more outings on this Kayak. Best purchase and I recommend the Sea Eagle.

The Sea Eagle 370 is a 32...

The Sea Eagle 370 is a 32 lbs 12'6" inflatable kayak made with 38 mil K-80 Polykrylar with a capacity of 3 people or 650 lbs. I purchased it for its light weight, large capacity and low price.

The 370 is stable, easy to paddle, and great for fishing. The improvements I would like to see added to this kayak are larger skegs, a grab line that runs all the way around the kayak with attachments points to hold the rope in place and paddle holders. We loved this kayak so much we purchased a Sea Eagle 365 (same as the SE-370 just a different color) last year.

Pros: Tracks very well. In calm conditions yaw is minimal. It's faster than…

Tracks very well. In calm conditions yaw is minimal. It's faster than you think too. It's not going to set any speed records, but as long as you're not going into a headwind it's not bad at all.
Lots of storage too. Can easily seat two people plus a decent amount of gear. For long trips on calm water, this is still my go-to boat.
At this price point I don't think you'll find anything better. It's not a kayak for advanced paddlers, but it's a beginner's best friend.

It doesn't really have all the features you need as you graduate to faster water and bigger rapids. No self-bailing, skegs aren't removable, and the material doesn't feel strong enough to handle hard hits. Mind you, I never had any problems with the hull at all, but I doubt I could say that if I'd tried serious rapids in it. Class 1-2s are no problem, but anything beyond that and I'd be a bit worried.
No high pressure floor means you really don't want to stand up, I never felt comfortable standing up even in calm conditions.
Some of the accessories are not great. The included paddles in particular are a bit sub par. I am not a fan of the materials used for the handles. It is durable, but very hard on your hands. The locking mechanism is very prone to jamming/rusting as well. Unfortunately, none of their packages offer better paddles.

This is a perfect entry level boat. I would strongly recommend it to anyone new to paddling who wanted a good, yet inexpensive kayak. It's served me very well for 2 years now. Great for couples or families too.

If you're looking for a...

If you're looking for a basic kayak that is easily portable (can be taken by air too), has a reasonable price and yet good durability, and can be used effectively either solo or tandem, the SE370 is something to consider.
    Some of the virtues:
  1. Sea Eagle's outstanding 6-month return option and 3-year warranty are hard to beat.
  2. This is a very comfortable boat, almost like a couch on water, and yet still has decent performance for an inflatable.
  3. Although it is never touted as being "fast", this boat actually can attain the same speeds as Sea Eagle's original FastTrack 385FT (called "classic" now) that they have claimed is "fast". This comparison was verified by GPS under the same paddling conditions with the same paddler(s): 2.8 to 3.5 mph w/ easy to steady paddling, 3.8 to 4 mph w/ firm paddling, 4.3 to 4.5 mph at a sprint.
  4. It tracks fairly well for an inflatable, and yet is also easy to maneuver.
  5. It has good load carrying capacity.
Since it does not have a separate floor piece as some inflatables do, it is fairly easy to wipe down inside when you are done w/ a paddling session (you do not have to partially deflate a separate floor piece, take it out to dry it off and dry off that water that was underneath it, and then put it back in). Note however, that since it has a low-pressure floor (not high-pressure which can be made very firm), the floor is somewhat squishy and not as solid. Easy to set-up and inflate, and likewise to deflate and fold up.

One limitation of this boat is how it sits a bit deeper in the water. Since the bottom of the boat protrudes downward from the side parts of the boat, and boat's floatation and stability comes a lot from the two large side tubes, then that means it takes more clearance, i.e., sits lower in the water. An example of this was paddling down the Crystal River in Northern Michigan, which is a very shallow river. Those in our two 10-foot recreational hard shells coasted over everything in that 5-mile stretch of river. But with the SE370, there may have been eight or nine times that we had to get out and walk briefly.

The rating of 7 given is somewhat of an "overall" rating. If you consider the greater sphere of kayaking, you may only give it about a 6; but if you consider the world of inflatable kayaks, you may give it a 7; and finally, if you consider how much you get for such a reasonable price, you could give it an 8.
I would definitely get the deluxe seats which cost a little more than the basic ones.

When choosing between an SE330 and an SE370, I definitely prefer the 370:
a) I like it better for solo paddling than the 330
b) while the 330 is tight with two adults, the 370's extra 16" of length helps a lot
c) you'll get a little more speed from the 370's extra length
d) the 370 uses 38 mil Polykrylar instead of the 33 mil on the 330
e) the 370 seems more stable
f) these noticeable advantages come w/ little extra weight and for only another $50.
Happy paddling!