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Voyager Reviews

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I researched quit a bit...

I researched quit a bit and discovered the Riot Voyager to be what I was looking for. I'm 6'1 & 185lbs and the boat fits me great with lots of room. The boat is quick and tracks well but I would recommend the rudder/skeg. Also, I would put padding on the area where your knees hit the kayak. I have taken this boat on several all-day trips and was not uncomfortable at all. Holds a ton of gear and looks great. The price is decent too.

I bought the Sun Velocity...

I bought the Sun Velocity which is a little bit older version of the Voyager. I got it used for $550, which included a nice azul paddle. It was hardly used, but it was missing the skeg. I've only been out a few times on it, so I don't have much to say, but I really like it. Mine has sealed front and rear hatches. A paddler over 6ft, might not have enough legroom with the sealed front but that can always be removed to make it an open hatch. Being only 130lbs, it is harder for me to keep on a straight course. A skeg would help tremendously, and I have found that after loading it with gear, it tracks a lot better. I'm definitely looking forward warmer days in the future.

Just bought a 05 Riot...

Just bought a 05 Riot Voyager fully equipped. The cockpit is very large and a bit high. I had to adapt my paddling to the higher sides. My girlfriend has a Boreal Design Kasko (13' also) and the cockpit is lower on hers. Although the Voyager seems to be a bit more maneuverable. On the Voyager, the adjustment straps for the governor pedals are interfering with my calves. On the good side, very versatile boat (Ri and Rii + lake + small off shore expedition), lots of room (storage and cockpit), good price. I like it!

I just bought an orange...

I just bought an orange Riot Voyager after some considerable research in my quest to buy something above a recreational craft that would give me and my family a lot of room to work on our paddling technique while not getting bored with a rec boat. After visiting several kayak dealers, I was really happy with the people at the Oakville Langford location, and found them to be the most helpful and willing to strike a deal. I like the warranty on this boat and it rides nicely. It is fairly fast, but I found that the addition of a rudder, which we got, is a great thing, since we have been paddling a lot on our lake in Muskoka, which has water conditions ranging from glassy-smooth to choppy due to wind and motorboat wakes. My kayak came with covered hatches, front and rear, with the rear bulkhead being sealed-off behind the seat. It is a fairly light boat, but I'd love it more if it were 10 lbs. lighter (that would be about $1000 more costly). I was glad to see the same boat at Langford Canoe in Dwight (Muskoka) was being sold, equipped similarly, for $700 more! (The model was actually a Sun Velocity, which is the identical craft, made by the same Montreal manufacturer). My experience has led me to recommend both this kayak highly as well as the dealer in Oakville.

We added a 04 Roit Voyager...

We added a 04 Roit Voyager to our fleet this year. I bought this red one for my wife, who is new to kayaking. She loves the little boat. I tried it out a few time myself, and found it to be quite quick for a short boat. The seat is very comfortable and is a very nice looking craft. I have an older Eddyline, and this boat is faster. Although I'm keeping my Eddyline I am thinking about getting a Voyager for myself. The only problem so far is the center floatation brace came loose, but the good people at Mountain reglued it. Would like it if it had hatch covers like the new Old Towns, but they don't seem to leak. Overall, a very nice boat.

Large, comfortable...

Large, comfortable cockpit. Very Stable.