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Enduro EXP Reviews

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The Enduro EXP is a "Cross…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/5/2007
The Enduro EXP is a "Cross Max" rotomold polyethylene kayak and is described by the company as a recreational kayak with room to grow. The hull design is unique. It provides great stability and yet allows the kayak to move through the water quickly while not making the paddler feel as if he/she is paddling a wide barge.

The cockpit isn't quite as large as a normal recreational kayak. It's a bit tighter feeling. Not at all like a true sea kayak, but not as large as your normal rec kayak. It's just right. The kayak leans easily and has great secondary stability. The Enduro can be turned on a dime! Thanks to the padded knee braces, the paddler really feels in control during quick maneuvers or while leaning hard.

Want to make sure you're tracking in a straight line? No problem! Drop the integrated skeg. Have long/short legs? No problem! Adjust the quick-lock footbraces. Want to store some items for your day trip or overnight venture? No problem! The Enduro has fore and aft minicell sealed bulkheads. Want to wash out the interior of your Enduro after a long and dirty trip? No problem! Use your garden hose to flood the interior and unscrew the plug to drain the water/dirt/debris out.

The fore and aft hatch covers seal nicely and go on and off quickly. I tested mine for leaks and have none. My storage items stay completely dry. The seat in the cockpit is a typical recreational-type seat and not a backband for you hard core sea kayakers. However, the back is fully adjustable up/down, left/right, and back/forward. Not too bad!

One item that is really nice is the small anti-theft metal bar integrated into the rear deck just behind the seat. Now, it's not going to honestly protect the thing from getting stolen... just like car alarms and deadbolts on your house don't prevent a burglary... but it's a nice touch.

I picked my Enduro up a couple of months ago at a local shop and am very happy with it. This 13ft yak is a perfect compromise between my 10ft Riot Atlantis rec kayak and my 18ft fiberglass Current Designs Solstice GTS HV sea kayak. I am anxious for the weather to cool down a bit so I can take some overnight trips down a local creek with some friends. I've had the Enduro out on my local pond and a large lake nearby. Handled both environments very well.