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Edge 10.5

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Edge 10.5 Reviews

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I had this kayak for one...

I had this kayak for one summer. The best part about the boat was the skeg. With the skeg lowered the boat tracked pretty well. I used this kayak mainly on slow moving rivers and ponds. I did take it down some class II rapids with no issue. I swamped it once and took on water in the dry storage.

Although I liked the kayak I did not like car topping it. At about 56lbs (i think) I didn't like portaging it or car topping the kayak. I ultimately sold it and purchased a pack canoe which I enjoy very much.

I got this boat on sale at REI for about 600 bucks. For the price and features it came with I felt it was a good deal and worth the purchase. I just realized that it was not the best boat for my needs.

This is the first Kayak I...

This is the first Kayak I have ever used. I paddled it a couple of times on ponds and found it relaxing. The kayak is comfortable and easy to paddle. With the skeg it tracks straight. The kayak does not feel "tippy" at all and I feel comfortable paddling out in it without worrying about it tipping over. Great boat at a great price. My husband purchased it from REI.

I purchased this kayak...

I purchased this kayak recently because I am tired of hauling my 16 ft Touring kayak around all the time and find that it is exactly what they claim. A smaller version of a touring kayak. It works great, has a float in the bow and a sealed hatch in the rear. The skeg works well and the seat is nice. I am a very happy paddler in this kayak.

Purchased Riot's Edge 10.5...

Purchased Riot's Edge 10.5 after demoing at least a dozen different kayaks. Could not find any reviews here on it.
I selected this kayak due to size, (small apartment dweller) features, comfort, and its pleasant and well-rounded manners in the water.

The seat is padded and quite comfortable. (I'm 6'2", 200 lbs. and wanted something to sit in for at least a few hours at a time.) It has a drop-down skeg, flush mounted rod holder, straps (in back), bungies (in front), and rear bulkhead storage area with cover (the opening wasn't one of those useless little tiny things), and the storage space is very respectable.

Riot claims it's both stable and agile, and that it has something of a small sea kayak feel. I'd say they're just about right on all accounts. It's never going to be a heavy whitewater lover's boat, but then it wasn't designed to be. It seems to be a nice stable boat with good maneuverability, and it tracks wonderfully. Especially for a shorter boat! Its tracking beat the pants off of every other boat in its size range I could find. The only other ones that could match or beat it were 12-footers and up.

This seems like a fantastic kayak for general purpose kayaking. Tracks like a dream, especially for a shorter kayak, yet had all the maneuverability I needed. It's 42lbs. so easily handled by one person. (I load it on the car and carry it up and down flights of stair by myself.)

A wonderful kayak! I would happily recommend it to friends!